Mar 12, 2021

Emmanuelle in Venice (1993)


As mentioned in Emmanuelle's Love (1993), there were a series of films in 1993 which had a weird premise of Emmanuelle possessing Tibetan magic which can make her young and also assume other identities. What you'll learn from watching these films is that neither of the ladies on the video covers (Krystel and Walerstein) do much - they are very much Krystyna Ferentz's films. 

We begin on a plane as always with these '93 Emmanuelle movies.

Sylvia Kristel tells her stupid stories to George Lazenby, and that's basically the extent of their participation in these films.

Anaïs (Krystyna Ferentz) is recently widowed and has become a bitter recluse.  (Note that IMDb currently has the actress playing Anaïs wrong.)

Anaïs mistreats her maid, Maria (Julie McLaughlin), very badly.

She makes her pull down her panties so she can whip her.

Later, Anaïs masturbates to a photograph of her dead husband.

You'll remember that in these '93 Emmanuelle movies, Emmanuelle has been given Tibetan super powers.  She becomes "Young Emmanuelle". 

Young Emmanuelle possesses the body of Anaïs

Suddenly, Anaïs is kind to Maria... not just kind, but also aggressively horny.

Anaïs has Maria undress her, then she does likewise.

Maria is like, what the fuck is wrong with this bitch.

They have sex.

The next morning, Emmanuelle's magic has worn off and Anaïs kicks Maria out of bed.

Anaïs also screams at her sister Penelope (Gerda de Haan) who will figure into the story later.

Emmanuelle resumes her possession of Anaïs.  No longer a bitter bitch, she takes Maria shopping.

They kid around like schoolgirls.

Back to these fuddy duddies. Sylvia Kristel and George Lazenby seem like old farts... what the fuck is the point of these characters?

Penelope has a tragic tale.  When she was young, she had a love affair with a guy named Oliver.  Her parents made her marry a rich guy instead.  She's longed for Oliver ever since, and recently learned he died.

She flashes back to when she was younger. Young Penelope (Cynthia Van Damme) and Oliver have sex.

Don't worry about the backstory here.  Just know that Anaïs has moved on from her dead husband John to another guy.

 Krystyna Ferentz is the real MVP of these '93 Emmanuelle movies.

Penelope relates her sad story of Oliver, and how she's become suicidal, unable to get over the news of his death.

Emmanuelle listens and decides she will help Penelope.

This next scene blew my mind.  Suddenly we're at an Eyes Wide Shut style party where Penelope is blindfolded and put on a table naked.  I watched this several times trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.  Why is Penelope at this party?  I couldn't figure it out - maybe I was just too tired.

What I can say is that Gerda de Haan provides surprisingly graphic looks at her anatomy.

Emmanuelle tells Penelope that she was able to locate Oliver.  He's not dead after all...

He's become a doctor who helps kids in third world countries.

Penelope and Oliver have mad sex.  Again Gerda de Haan delivering the explicit full frontal nudity. And so the movie ends.

Okay, I understand the point of having George Lazenby and Sylvia Kristel - even though they add nothing to the story, they give some name recognition to these '93 Emmanuelle films.  But what the fuck is the point of Marcela Walerstein? I mean why even have a "Young Emmanuelle" at all? 

Regardless, the '93 Emmanuelle have terrible stories which will bore you to tears.  However they are jam packed with nudity, and Krystyna Ferentz rules.

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