Mar 15, 2021

Emmanuelle in Soho (1981)


We've seen Emmanuelle movies from all over the world: France, Germany, Greece, Italy and the US.  Here is the British entry.

Sadly, the film was initially to star Mary Millington (as evidenced in the promotional material above). Her tragic story is well known so I won't elaborate here. 

Emmanuelle (Angie Quick) flirts with Paul (Kevin Fraser) when his wife Kate (Julie Lee) arrives.
Kate and Paul's marriage is a bit on the rocks.

Paul sets up a photo session featuring Emmanuelle and Sammy (Kathy Green).  Getting Emmanuelle's panties off is the most hilariously difficult thing I've ever seen.  I guess they didn't feel like doing a retake, and kept the footage of Angie Quick getting twisted and falling off the couch.

They need money to pay rent, so each of the three roommates decides to go look for work.

Emmanuelle goes to a seedy porn business calling herself "Peggy Pushover".

The business is run by the slimy Bill Anderson (John M. East).

Emmanuelle knows what she needs to do for the audition.

The dialog in this film is so incredibly British.  I know it's a British film... but goddamn, it has to be heard to appreciate.
Bill: "They don't call you Peggy the Pushover for nothing I hope."
Emmanuelle: "No. But they don't call me Mary Queen of Scotch for nothing either. Fill up my glass."

The whole time Bill is grubbing on Emmanuelle he's uttering things like "Oh, blimey, look at this 'ere." Hilarious.

Emmanuelle is lying around naked as always when Kate comes home and announces she's going for a new job - as a nude showgirl.

Emmanuelle can't believe Kate would strip, saying, "Interesting. Kate revealing herself to public gaze."

Paul applies for a job as photographer for Bill Anderson.  Bill makes it clear that this is a sleazy business: "Soho is the only place in the world where it's shady on both sides of the street."

On the set of a nude production where Kate is applying for a job.

 Judy (Erika Lea), on the left, is the lead dancer.

Adie Cole (Gavin Clare) the flamboyantly gay director auditions a girl:
Adie: "Wherever did you get that dress?"
Showgirl: "In Paris, France."
Adie: "Looks as though you didn't get it all through the custom. Might as well take the rest of it off."

Jill (Geraldine Hooper), Adie's assistant, and Kate watch the audition with rapt attention.

Adie is impressed and gives her the part.

The girls resume the rehearsal.

Erika Lea fucking rules; interestingly, this is her only IMDb credit.

Back at Bill Anderson's office, Emmanuelle is still working him to climb the ladder.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to get her much beyond a slap on the behind and a bad joke.

Paul is introduced to Emmanuelle as the new photographer (they have to pretend they don't know each other).

It's time for Kate's audition.

She gets the job.

Back at home, Emmanuelle has to expose her bush at every possible moment; even climbing onto the couch becomes an x-rated affair.

Paul and Kate's marriage continues to be in bad shape.

Bill's secretary Sheila (Anita Desmarais) is one of the hottest ladies in the film, but she, sadly, doesn't get naked in this film.

This is the best we get as she straightens her stockings.

Kate is introduced to Derek (Timothy Blackstone) the box office manager

More rehearsal footage is always welcome.

Bill finds out that Bill Anderson is using him.  He tells the girls he's going to get even with him. Step one is for Kate to hold a party.

Kate gets ready for her first day on the job.

Kate announces to everyone that she's holding a party.

Paul gets the news that she's invited everyone to the party.

I love this look outside Bill Anderson's office.  Clearly this was a real spot.  How times have changed.

The party gets started and our girl Judy (Erika Lea) is the first to strip.

Adie and a red-haired woman (Linzi Drew) are impressed with the performance.

Emmanuelle strips next and commands that everyone else at the party get naked as well.

Paul, mingling about taking pictures, has plans to get back at Bill Anderson.

He's joined by Kate and Emmanuelle to record Bill having sex with Sheila through a secret window.  Two problems with this: (1) What a fucking disappointment that we never get to see the action, and thus never see Sheila in the buff, and (2) I don't get how this screws over Bill Anderson in the slightest.  Did I miss something?  A guy like this isn't going to care that he's caught shagging his secretary.

Paul shows Bill the "damaging" video and Bill reluctantly gives him a job.

Emmanuelle and Kate lie around eating toast.

Emmanuelle and Paul end up together.  And there's always time for one last bad joke.
Emmanuelle: "Don't you like me without my clothes on?"
Paul: "I love you without your clothes on."
Emmanuelle: "So what's the crunch?"
Paul: "I wanted to take them off."

Kate leaves Paul and ends up with Derek the box office manager.

The amount of full frontal nudity in this film is just insane.  It kinda makes me sad, as this was at the final cusp of Britsploitation, before dirty movies went to VHS and there wasn't room for productions like this anymore.  Imagine the stuff we could have had.  I also found the overt "British-ness" of the dialog charming.  Yeah, it's corny as hell with lines like "He's so old he relies on belows to take a deep breath" (referring to Adie), but that made it all the more fun.  

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  1. good review, looks like a good flick... too bad "real" critics could never appreciate softcore schlock like this for what it is...