Mar 13, 2021

Emmanuelle Forever (1993)


We've covered a few other '93 Emmanuelle movies - a series of films where Emmanuelle has Tibetan magic which makes her youthful again, and allows her to possess people (!).  Each film has featured a crotchety and cobwebbed George Lazenby and Sylvia Kristel aboard a plane sharing stories from her past. I guess I've watched these out of order, because I've been a little nonplussed by the fact that Marcela Walerstein as Young Emmanuelle has figured into the story very little.  This one explains things better and Walerstein is a bit more prominent. 

So, Young Emmanuelle (Marcela Walerstein) is on a plane with George Lazenby.  She convinces him that she's the Emmanuelle he knew way back when.

She proves she's Emmanuelle by recounting a story of when he took her to an opium den and had her gang banged (!)  Now I finally get who George Lazenby is supposed to be.  He's Mario from the first film - the sexual guru who had her repeatedly raped to teach her about sex.

Marcela Walerstein gets pounded pretty hard in this scene.

A little bit of backstory where Old Emmanuelle (Sylvia Kristel) is given the power to be young again by a Tibetan shaman.  I wonder how Kristel felt about be called "Old Emmanuelle".

Emmanuelle prepares a bath.

She finds that some dude is hiding in the room with her.

She jumps out of the bath; Marcela Walerstein providing quite the close-up.

She makes love to the guy.

The guy turns out to be "Falcon", lead singer of a band called "Handle with Care".

Emmanuelle goes backstage where all manner of depravity is going on.

Marla (Natala Sevenants) is the band's assistant, cooking their meals and such.  She's in love with Falcon, but the whole band treats her like dogshit.

Marla quietly rolls dough while the band enjoys sex and drugs.

Even Falcon treats her badly, insulting her cooking.

The bassist (short hair) takes one of their backup singers to another room to have sex.  Not sure who the actress is who plays the singer (Corinne Mafiodo maybe?), but she supplies some surprisingly explicit material in this film.

Poor Marla continues to pout at being neglected and mistreated.

She serves dinner for the band, and gets no respect.

In the kitchen, the debauchery wages on.

It's pretty hilarious seeing Marla finally lose her patience in a dramatic moment - while, behind her, there is all manner of hedonism taking place.

Emmanuelle chooses to use her Tibetan magic to persuade Marla to get Falcon attracted to her. 

Full frontal nudity from Natala Sevenants in this scene.

Marla is able to finally get Falcon to see her as a woman.

They have sex.

And so we move on to the next story where Emmanuelle responds to a call from a friend, Jenny (Gerda de Haan).  She says she caught her husband Ivan with another woman.

Fiona was playing pool, and Ivan did this...

Emmanuelle uses her magic perfurme from Tibet to take care of this situation.

She's driven to ecstasy as her soul inhabits Jenny's body.

She compels Jenny to jump on Athisan Khan (Joel Bui) so that Ivan can watch and get jealous.

The plan works.  Ivan is enraged with jealousy, and it actually brings the couple together.

The women are really attractive and there is plenty of nudity, but these types of films - so common in 1990s erotica - are so forgettable and bring nothing new to the table.  They're beautiful like the glossy pages of Playboy, but also just as paper-thin.


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