Mar 12, 2021

Emmanuelle Exposed (1982)


(Original Title:Las orgías inconfesables de Emmanuelle) Jesús Franco makes his entry into the Emmanuelle genre. Not that it has anything whatsoever ever to do with the Emmanuelle movies; Franco clearly just renamed the film and titular character to ride the gravy train.  

Emmanuelle (Muriel Montossé) and Andreas (Antonio Mayans) stop in at a wax museum.

King Kong and a nude Faye Wray 

Check out the Superman.

Liza Minelli and Elvis.

The wax museum is pretty empty, so they go ahead and have sex on the floor.

The couple are married.  Emmanuelle is a French girl, and Andreas is a Spanish noble.

The gorgeous Muriel Montossé provides a lot of full frontal nudity in this film.

Emmanuelle and Andreas go to a club with two friends, Carmen (Carmen Carrión) and the haughty Tony (Antonio Rebollo) the Marqués de Altuna.  Note that Carmen is listed as "Pia" in the credits for some reason.  Also note that Tony provides narration for this movie - which feels unnecessary. 

María (Asunción Calero) is up on stage.

She does the most low-effort striptease I've ever seen.  This is the most her body ever moves; most of the time she's basically stationary.

Emmanuelle and Andreas love the performance... however, Emmanuelle is getting pretty drunk.

Her drunk ass stumbles onstage where María is lying on the ground.

The crowd eats it up.

Andreas, however, is not eating it up.  He's appalled, and storms out of the club.

Speaking of eating it up... yeah, Emmanuelle takes things a little far.


Tony is perhaps the most offended of all.  He feels Emmanuelle has disrespected a nobleman, and Tony takes his nobility very seriously.  María tries to explain it was all just fun - but he ain't having any of it.

Since Andreas has left her, Emmanuelle crashes at Carmen's place.  I love this living room.

Carmen tries to make Emmanuelle feel better.

She unbuttons her sparkly dress...

They make love.

Andreas, meanwhile, is alone and sad.

María cheers him up.

Carmen and Emmanuelle are still going at it.

Tony arrives.

Tony acts like he's cool with it, but the narration lets us know he's very much a judgemental asshole.

María and Andreas have sex on the balcony.  Franco always found the best locations.

This is where the movie gets a bit dark.  Emmanuelle gets a phone call; Tony has arranged for Emmanuelle to meet at an out-of-the-way spot.  But it's really a setup to punish her; to teach her a lesson for disrespecting a Spanish noble.

Tony hired two men to rape her.

Emmanuelle is left for dead.

She pleads at Andreas' door, but he won't answer.

She stumbles through town with her boob hanging out.

Seems an odd thing to do after a gang rape; Emmanuelle sunbathes.

Tony strolls up and offers her a drink.

They go up to his bedroom and have sex.

Tony turns out to be a disappointment in bed.  His precious nobility can't help him there.

María enters the room.

She's none too pleased.

Tony apologizes like a sniveling coward, but Emmanuelle just laughs.

Tony and María have makeup sex.

Andreas and Emmanuelle are also inspired to have makeup sex.

Franco chose a top notch location; I'd love to live out my life at this place. Absolutely gorgeous.  Muriel Montossé is spectacular as always, and doesn't skimp on the nudity.  My main issue is that I absolutely hated Tony and Andreas.  Why did Emmanuelle even take this motherfucker back?  If he was so offended by her stage performance, he should have had the balls to stop her. And Tony arranging for her to be raped?  Seems a bit harsh.

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