Mar 9, 2021

Emmanuelle (1974)


Sylvia Krystal came over from Dutch cinema for a mere $6,000 to play Emmanuelle, and the rest is history - with countless sequels and spin-offs spanning decades.  We've covered some of them already, but we'll be getting many more in the days to come. 

Emmanuelle (Sylvia Kristel) is a nineteen year old model.

She's called to join her husband a the French Embassy in Thailand. 

Jean (Daniel Sarky) brings her to their beautiful estate

Emmanuelle is scared by the unwashed poor.

Emmanuelle is also unhappy with her new rich friends, all vacuous and materialistic. 

Ariane (Jeanne Colletin)

Ariane has the hots for Emmanuelle, but the feeling is not mutual.

Emmanuelle goes for a skinny dip.

One of the best underwater scenes ever; artful and dreamlike. I'm not sure, but I think this is where the King Crimson song was used (and subsequently removed after Fripp sued them).

Young Marie-Ange (Christine Boisson) sees Emmanuelle in the pool and decides to join her.

Marie-Ange, still sucking on a lollipop, visits Emmanuelle

Emmanuelle is a bit taken aback as Marie-Ange rubs herself as she groans over a Paul Newman photo in a magazine.

Emmanuelle tells a story of an eventful flight where she cheated on Jean.

She shows some leg to a passenger and he takes the bait.

They have sex right there in the open.

This is what another passenger sees.  Can you even imagine?

The other passenger picks her up and carries her to the bathreoom where they have sex.

Emmanuelle plays squash with Ariane.

Once again, Ariane tries to get it on with Emmanuelle.

Emmanuelle is attracted to Bee (Marika Green) an archaeologist

She meets Bee out on the docks.  The film does a great job showcasing the exotic Thai locale.

Emmanuelle breezes past the poor and unwashed.

Emmanuelle is more and more enamoured with Bee.

They get naked by a waterfall.

They watch a Thai stripper put a cigarette in her vagina and blow smoke out her pussy.  So, that what interesting. 

They have sex, but Bee tells her that she doesn't love her.

Ariane flirts with Jean.

And by "flirt" I mean pulls up her dress and shows him her pussy.

Back to the locker room at the squash court.

Ariane is nothing if not persistent. 

Emmanuelle is introduced to Mario (Alain Cuny), considered the greatest lover in the world.

Mario becomes her sensai, teaching the art of sex... which seems to just be having Emmanuelle repeatedly raped.  First, he encourages their driver to pull down her panties and molest her.

Mario takes her to an opium den where she's gang raped (!)

Mario takes her to a boxing match where she's offered as a prize to the winner.

All of Mario's training have turned Emmanuelle into a new woman.  She's ready to take on the world with nonstop fucking thanks to Mario's expert rape-training. THE END

I thought it was rather tame and boring, yet at the same time a spectacular feast for the eyes.  This accounts for why it was such a phenomenon - it not only featured a ton of nudity, but Just Jaeckin's direction is gorgeous to look upon. Plus, Sylvia Krystal is an incredibly compelling screen presence. The last part where Mario has Emmanuelle sequentially raped is beyond ridiculous, but at least it wasn't boring like the rest of the film.  

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