Mar 11, 2021

Emanuelle in Oberbayern (1977)


(Original Title: Nackt und keß am Königssee) What does this movie have to do with the Emanuelle series? Absolutely nothing other than the fact that it has "Emanuelle" in the title (for the X rated German release). With the popularity of the Sylvia Krystal and Laura Gemser series, it just made sense to stick "Emanuelle" in the title to attract a little more attention.  In reality, this is just another Bavarian sex comedy.


After a short narration over the spectacular views we meet Toni Erdinger (Anderl Bäuerl) and his daughter Marein (Britt Corvin).

Toni is a poacher, off to do some poaching.

Britt Corvin is the only actress I recognize in this film.  Usually these Bavarian sex comedies are filled with the usual troupe.  I also should mention this is a hardcore film; so, perhaps that explains why we have a different group of players (and a bit surprised to see Corvin among them).

As soon as Toni leaves, her secret lover (Ralph Schrob) arrives.

It's Sunday, and all the towns pious file out from mass.

Zenzi (Marita Juchen) is one of those "pious" meeting a guy for a literal roll in the hay.

Zenzi and another upstanding member of the community (Diddi Schmid) get to it.  This is a hardcore scene.
At the local taverne, the barmaid is getting sexually harassed, just as you'd expect.

Resi (Angelika Hefner) the barmaid.

The arrival of a Scotsman, McFitz (Peter Thom).

After some cheap laughs, we learn that McFitz has a special reason for being far from home.

McFitz makes a big mistake by getting drunk and telling the bürgermeister the real reason for his trip.  He suffers from impotency and has learned there is a rare herb growing on the hillsides of this area, Königssee, which acts as a sexual enhancer.

A huge brawl breaks out. A cream pie lands on Resi's face.  No, not that kind of cream pie.  Yes, this is a hardcore film, but get your mind out of the gutter.

Zenzi is back for another roll in the hay.

It's revealed that that "magic herb" may be needed more than they thought.

McFitz searches through the gorgeous countryside for the herb.

Resi appears in his room that night.

McFitz locks himself in the wardrobe.

So, Resi takes matters into her own hands and masturbates. An incredible performance by Angelika Hefner.

After she's through, Resi finds McFitz's journal.  She now knows about the mystical herb, what it looks like and where to look for it.

Word travels fast in this small village.  Resit tells Michel Hinterseer (Willi Neuhaus), and he tells someone, and so on.

Ernie Hinterseer (Renate Ruhland) tells Zenzi.  The whole town is abuzz. 

Sedlmayer (Sepp Gneissl), Ernie and her husband Michel, and Resi are on a mission to find the herb; researching diligently. 

All this talk of a sexual enhancement herb has got their mind on sex.  Each one has a brief sexual fantasy. In this fantasy, Ernie gets it on with Zenzi.

Back to reality, but only for a moment...

Michel fantasizes about getting it on with Resi.

Suddenly, the fantasy takes a wrong turn as McFitz appears behind Resi and grabs her.

Now Michel is just watching Resit get it from behind by McFitz.

Sedlmayer  has a fantasy of his own - of Michel's wife, Ernie.

Marein and her lover make love on the hillside.

A little surprised to see Britt Corvin doing hardcore material. This wasn't her only foray, just the first I've seen.

This is the level of comedy we're dealing with.  As the locals run frantic through the town on their way to the big herb hunt, McFitz pulls the ball of yarn from the sweater of this woman (Adi Apffel) as he runs away, thus unraveling it and exposing her boobs. Lowbrow comedy at its finest.

A mad scramble for the herb.

It turns out to be on the poacher's property, so a bargain is struck.

So, does the herb even work? I'll leave that to you to find out.  Marein and her lover certainly don't need it.
Toni the poacher mounts Zenzi. And so it goes. THE END

Obviously this was stupid, as are all Bavarian sex comedies - which isn't a bad thing.  Silly sexy shenanigans amid the gorgeous slopes of the Bavarian countryside is always a good thing.  However, this was a weak entry into the genre.  The sex scenes are filmed poorly; however,  Angelika Hefner's masturbation scene was off-the-charts amazing. It's hard to put a finger on it (poor choice of words right about now), but it just feels sloppy and cheap.


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