Mar 12, 2021

Emanuelle in the Country (1982)


(Original Title: Messo comunale praticamente spione) This Italian comedy was rebranded an Emanuelle film after the success of that series.  Laura Gemser (the Italian counter to Sylvia Krystal) is in this film, but her name is Selenia - but when it was dubbed, her name is now Emanuelle.

Doctor Selenia Anselmi (Laura Gemser) arrives in the small village of Bolsena.

The mayor, Remo Bianchi (Aldo Ralli), greets Selenia in a very creepy manner, but is busted by his wife Iliana (Lorna Green).

Iliana proceeds to beat his ass.

Marco (Roberto Gallozzi) brings Selenia to her new home.

Marco spies her getting undressed for a shower.

Patumi sees Selenia in the shower from his window.  He decides to make money by charging admission to see the new doctor take her showers.

Marco is the son of a communist running for mayor against the incumbent Bianchi... the father of Stefania (Antonella Prati), Marco's true love.

They have to keep their love secret from their rival fathers.

The Mayor Bianchi's wife, Iliana (Lorna Green).- who we saw beating the crap out of her husband earlier - is cheating on him with a young stud on a boat.

Marco's father, Romolo Rossi (Aldo Sambrell) and their maid, Anna (Femi Benussi) - changed to "Greta" for some reason in the dubbed American version.

Greta climbs some stairs, giving Romolo a view from below.

Stefania overhears the men talking about Doctor Selenia, sleeping with Marco, the rival mayoral candidate Romolo's son. But they've got it all wrong...

Stefania confronts Selenia.  It turns out, Patuni and the men spying on Selenia in the shower misidentified her real lover, Gastone, as Marco.

Stefania wonders if she's got what it takes for Marco.

She examines herself in the mirror.

Selenia is taking another shower.

Patumi is making good money off selling tickets.

The town playboy, a pharmacist with an ugly wife, meets with the mayor's wife, Iliana.

They get in a fight after, and the pharmacist utters this classic line: "You lousy bitch, you hit my face.  Go screw yourself you stupid cow."

Marco meets Selenia's lover, Gastone (Gabriele Tinti)

Marco has an elaborate plan to end the nonsense - which is too boring to explain.  Basically it results in all the warring factions and voyeurs converging on the bedroom....

The two warring politicians each think this scandal will hurt the other... only to find out the two actually in bed are not the couple hoping for.  Instead, it's their two children, Marco and Stefania, in bed together.

Somehow this solves their battle, Marco and Stefania are permitted to marry, and they're going to build the community center (wha-?).  What a happy ending.

The movie should have ended their.  Instead we Marco (is now to marry Stefania) having sex with Selenia (WTF?).

Selenia explains to Marco that this was a one-and-done. He calls her a slut and goes back to Stefania.

There's a side story where the pharmacist, the town's playboy, has a really ugly wife, Bella (Cándida López).  In the final scene, she goes to the beauty parlor and comes back pretty.  The playboy faints and it ends there.  What the hell - ?  I expected this to yield a gratuitous sex/nude scene.  Nope.

Selenia and Gastone have a final roll in the hay.

The final scene has the two mayors' campaign vehicles crash.  It's supposed to be funny. THE END

Maybe if I saw this in an Italian theater in 1982 I would have ate it up.  As it is, I didn't find a single gag funny, and the story woefully tired.  A respectable amount of nudity, but that's really all it has going for it.... which is no small thing.


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