Mar 10, 2021

Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976)


(Original Title: Emanuelle nera: Orient reportage) The second film in the so-called "Black Emanuelle" series, the Italian answer to the wildly popular French francise. We get the same free love activity and exotic locals, but  but with Laura Gemser instead of Sylvia Krystal - and direction by Joe D'Amato. 

Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is a photojournalist for a New York magazines.  She meets archaeologist Roberto (Gabriele Tinti) at a bar.

They have sex.

Note that Gemsi and Tinti married this year.  They stayed married until his death in 1991.

They travel to Bangkok.

Emanuelle gets undressed, not realizing the bellhop is still in the room.

Unashamed, she just smiles.

Emanuelle meets with Prince Sanit (Ivan Rassimov)

He gives her a tour among the city's unwashed poor.

Sanit's servant, Gee (Koike Mahoco), gives Emanuelle a bath.

Then a massage - much like Gemser gave Sylvia Krystal in the second Emmanuelle movie.

Emanuelle and Gee meet up with Roberto who has palled up with a couple of American tourists -  Frances (Ely Galleani) and Jimmy (Giacomo Rossi Stuart).

They giddily pose and snap photos of the various sites.

D'Amato is sure to get frequent shots up Frances and Gee's dresses to make sure you're still paying attention.

This kinda blew my mind.  There is this incredibly corny and boppy music playing as the tourists cavort around the area... including a fucking cock fight!

The two couples stop in at a strip club.

This stripper melts wax on her skin.

This stripper shoves ping-pong balls up her vagina, then shoots them at the audience (!)  What is it with these Emanuele movies?  In the first French Emmanuelle, they watch a stripper smoke a cigarette from her vagina.

They go back to the Prince's place, do drugs and have sex.

Frances (Ely Galleani)

After everyone has passed out, Prince Sanit takes Emanuelle to the back room.

Emanuelle finds her room has been ransacked and her passport stolen.  When she returns to the Prince's place, she's attacked by a group of men.

Apparently, Sanit is now in jail for plotting to overthrow the king.  Emanuelle is gang raped!

Emanuelle seeks the help of an official to get a passport.

He refuses at first.  But Emanuelle can be persuasive.

Emanuelle flies with Frances to Delhi.

They have sex in the airplane bathroom.

In Delhi, Emanuelle meets Debra (Debra Berger), the daughter of a US diplomat.

Emanuelle finds Roberto at an excavation site with his new fiance Janet (Gaby Bourgois

In the tent, they make love right next to her.

The next day, they are run into a horde of mounted Tuareg nomads.

Emanuelle and Janet decide to have an adventure and go with the nomads.  In their tent, Janet takes her clothes off and dances to the music.

Some really nice views of Gaby Bourgois from down below as she dances in the nude.

Later, she's back at the embassy with Debra (Debra Berger).

Next thing you know, she's eye level with Debra's bush.

Debra and Emanuelle bathe each other.

Later, Debra watches Emanuelle and Roberto have sex.

Roberto turns out to be a major league asshole.  He violently tells Debra that he hates lesbians.  Da fuck?

After Roberto leaves, Emanuelle and Debra have sex.

Emanuelle says goodbye; Debra is sad to see her go. THE END

What can you say?  It's smoking hot, filmed beautifully, and is what an Emanuelle movie is supposed to be: exotic locations, irrelevant back stories, and endless nudity.  The soundtrack was awful, however; and the cock fight (as well as another needless animal scene) was a bummer.  Otherwise, good stuff - the ping-pong ball stripper will not soon be forgotten.

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