Mar 14, 2021

Emanuelle Around the World (1977)


Very much like D'Amato's Emanuelle in America  from the same year, he takes the kitchen sink approach and floods the film with every sleazy exploitation element you can imagine.  

Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) checks in at a San Francisco hotel where she runs into a rival reporter, Cora Norman (Karin Schubert).

There's a mistake and Emanuelle ends up in a room with an old guy.

He thinks she's a prostitute and rips off her dress.

She runs half-naked out of the room and bumps into Dr. Malcolm Robertson (Ivan Rassimov).

Ivan Rassimov is wasted in this film, really not having much to do with anything.  Romance blooms, but never even gets to sex.  

Emanuelle wants to work with Cora Norman on a big story involving a crime ring in Rome.  However, Bert the editor wants her to go to India to report on a guru who claims to be able to reach the "ultimate orgasm", and is training his followers in the art.

Emanuelle in India.

She is assigned a room at the guru's palace where she meets Mary (Brigitte Petronio). 

Emanuelle watches as Mary tries to meditate while uttering a mantra.

Mary climbs into bed with Emanuelle and they have sex.

Emanuelle offers Mary her hotel room to stay while she explores this guru story.

Guru Shanti (George Eastman).  So hilarious seeing Eastman as an Indian guru.

Shanti's throne room is full of his followers trying to achieve ultimate orgasm.

D'Amato include some hardcore shots for the x-rated version.

Emanuelle strips to join the party.

Emanuelle humps a guy and his wife (Dirce Funari) gets upset, saying she's set their progress back.

The training center.

One of the guru's acolytes (Paola D'Egidio) teaches the women using ceramic dongs.

Quite a view of Paola D'Egidio

Guru Shanti has sex with Emanuelle to show her the ultimate orgasm.

After, she's not impressed and sees this is all a big scam.

Emanuelle has dinner with Dr. Robertson the diplomat, but their schedules don't align to take things further.  Man, Ivan Rassimov is really given a lame part in this movie.

Emanuelle is furious with Bert her editor.  She calls the NY office.  She's done with the fluff piece and is going to follow up on the Roman crime story with Cora.

Cora agrees to let Emanuelle work with her on the story. 

Emanuelle goes to the hotel which she let Mary stay in.  She finds it full of nude women.

She meets Mary's friend Annie (Anja Engstrom) who informs her that the Roman crime ring had fucked up Mary and is using the girls as sex slaves.

Cora is getting too close and is taught a lesson, roughed up by a gang of goons.

After beating the shit out of Cora, they rape her.

Emanuelle has plans to payback the sex slavers who did Mary wrong, and Annie (and her friend) agree to help. They enlist the services of a young guy (Claudio Aliotti).to follow them and call the police once things hot.

Emanuelle, Annie and her friend are brought to the sex traffickers' place.

The girls are made to undress.

They are blindfolded.

They're brought into a room where other girls are also nude and blindfolded.

A rich guy with a hideously disfigured face (Craig Hill) arrives.

He rapes a couple girls before the police finally arrive.

Emanuelle thanks the young guy on a Vespa for the help.

She rewards him by going to his family's yacht to have sex.  However, they are interrupted by the arrival of his stepmother.  They hide in the closet.

They can see his stepmother having sex with another woman.

Cora is packing her bags for Hong Kong to follow the lead.  Emanuelle goes along.

Immediately, Emanuelle finds herself in trouble as she's abducted by a guy who collects and tortures women for the sex traffickers.

In his macabre lair, he has two women tied up.

The man rummages through his bag...

He pulls out a jar of milk and pours it on the girl's (Maria Renata Franco) pussy.

He says that snakes love milk.  He unleashes the snake on the girl's vagina, and it goes up inside her.  Clearly, this doesn't really happen, but D'Amato does his best to make it look real.

Emanuelle is understandably disgusted.

Cora is holding guys at gunpoint trying to find Emanuelle.

The torturer moves on to the next girl 

Okay, wow.  He has a German Shepherd hump the girl.  

Cora arrives, gun blazing.

Emanuelle unties the girl and sets her free.

They get information from this guy, leading them to the next stop on their quest.

They arrive in Tehran and meet Fiona (Florence Barnes) who gives them the dirt on the sex slave operation.

Emanuelle finds a room where an orgy is taking place. She takes pictures.

This girl is penetrated by a banana.  She's played by Ulla Johannsen (who was one of the Zodiac girls in Emanuelle in America).  Her role in this film is literally listed as "Girl Penetrated by Banana" - something I'm sure she's proud of.

The girls meet friendly sheikh Cassei (Marino Masé) who buys the sex slaves for his harem.

Emanuelle and Cora have sex for his benefit.

This scene kinda blew my mind.  Emanuelle and Cora find themselves with a group of senators and powerful people, all arriving at a desolate urban location.  The girl in the blue dress is Miss Ohio (Juliet Graham). The senators have something special planned for her.

Miss Ohio's clothes are ripped off.

She's then pushed into a throng of homeless men!

Emanuelle and Cora are disturbed as they watch the senators and other powerful elite laugh like ghouls as Miss Ohio is humiliated.

The force her to dance.

Things get out of hand when the homeless men decide they want to rape Miss Ohio.  The senators draw the line at rape and try to stop it.

The homeless men have guns and shoo the senators away, and they rape Miss Ohio.

Emanuelle is held at gunpoint by a homeless guy and forced to give him a blow job.

The police and ambulance arrive, and the film ends with the story on the TV news.

While not spectacularly sleazy and transcendently insane as Emanuelle in America, D'Amato had clearly hit his stride in 1977, and nailed the sweet spot once again.  This is how you do seventies exploitation with no fucks given.  It's not that he just uses an exploitation element - D'Amato uses it effectively and sends it to another level.  Example: that final scene below the bridge with Miss Ohio - that's not just a rape scene, that's unbelievably memorable and well executed.  Other films might have that scene as its central action; in contrast, it's just tacked on at the end, after a long line of other exploitative scenes just as mind blowing. The disfigured man raping blindfolded girls - who thinks of this?  Chilling and brilliant. The Hong Kong torturer - his rape dungeon felt like it was part of a snuff film.  We could talk all day; suffice it to say, this was one helluva ride.  

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