Mar 10, 2021

Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade (1978)


The last of the Joe D'Amato Emanuelle flicks.  As usual, this stars Gemser with Tinti as the slave trader.

Susan Towers (Ely Galleani) helps Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) get access to the Kenyan compound of an Italian mobster.

Afterwards, they take the car to the shop. Susan is infatuated with a particular mechanic (James Sampson).

As the mechanic looks at the car's undercarriage, Susan lets him look at her undercarriage as well.

Susan jumps down below with him and they have sex.

Still intent on getting access to the gangster, Emanuelle disguises herself as a stewardess and is assited by Prince Arausani (Pierre Marfurt).

He takes them to the mobster's hideout.

They are introduced to Giorgio Rivetti (Venantino Venantini).

Susan takes a shower.

Emanuelle joins her.

I think you know where this is going.

They go on an African safari.

Emanuelle and Susan frolic naked on the savannah.

At the native's camp, they have sex. 

At the market, Emanuelle notices a man, Francis Harley (Gabriele Tinti), behaving strangely - whom she also noticed at the Nairobi airport. She takes his picture to bring back to New York.

Susan and Emanuelle smoke a hookah with Rivetti, then have sex.

Clues about the mysterious Harley lead her to a photographer, Jim Barnes (Bryan Rostron), who is currently working with two nude models.

I'm not sure who this actress is, but she provides some amazing views during this photography session.

The girls are now dressed in odd wigs.

Barnes provides Emanuelle with clues leading to Harley's ex girlfriend...

At a strip club Emanuelle gathers clues from Ava.

D'Amato captures some sensational shots of the striptease from below.

Ava's clues lead Emanuelle to the jackpot.  She uses a camera hidden in a cigarette lighter to capture the illegal activity...

Nude sex slaves are paraded before Harley and other men who bid on them.  This one goes for five thousand dollars.

This slave is purported to be a virgin, so she goes for higher dollars.

Emanuelle cons her way to meet harley.

Harley takes some of the girls he purchases and uses them at a brothel run by Madame Claude (Gota Gobert).

Emanuelle poses as a prostitute.

As a prostitute, she has to fuck this old man.  Dang - she will do just about anything to get that scoop for her magazine.

While Emanuele rides this old dude, Madame Claude watches from a one-way mirror whilst fondling a girl.

Emanuelle snoops around, looking through keyholes.

In one room she sees Madame Claude fondling a girl.

This girl appears to be Simone Brahmann.

Out of fucking nowhere, Emanuelle is gang raped at a bowling alley.

The rapists take Emanuelle back to the brothel to be dealt with.  She's drugged up in the infirmary. 

The nurse (? actress) has plans for Emanuelle...

There just happens to be a bottle of ether nearby.

Emanuelle knocks out the nurse.

Emanuelle escapes and stows away on a ship, where she exposes herself to the crew. THE END

A considerable amount of nudity on display in this film - so, much respect.  However, the story is dogshit. We don't get to the white slavers until halfway through - as the first half is wasted on this meaningless gangster story.   The film does go in interesting and odd tangents such as the bowling alley gang bang, the fun mechanic scene, etc. but the end result is pretty lame, but an embarrassment of riches when it comes to nudity.  

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