Mar 12, 2021

Divine Emanuelle (1981)


(Originally titled Love Camp and Die Todesgöttin des Liebescamps) Another example of film being retitled with the Emanuelle brand even though it has nothing to do with that series of movies.  The story involves Laura Gesmer as the "Divine Goddess" of a free love cult.

One of the intriguing things about this film is the writer, director and star Christian Anders.  This guy has quite a bio - going from pop artist to director and then famous conspiracy theorist with a popular YouTube channel. 

The arrival of Senator Benneman (Maximilian Wolters) and his daughter Patricia (Simone Brahmann) to Cyprus.

The relationship between the senator and his daughter is a little creepy, but this isn't really explored or intentional.

Dorian (Christian Anders) and followers in the love cult arrive outside the resort chanting "I'll be your guide in the loving land of love. [Chorus:] Love, love, love."  The refrain sounds a lot like "All You Need Is Love".

Dorian and Patricia's eyes meet.

Dorian talks to the masses like he's Jesus.

One dude calls him out on his bullshit and throws a tomato at him.  For me, this guy is the hero of the movie.

We get a look inside of the "Children of Light" temple where the girls are commanded to basically fuck any guy that walks through the door.

This girl (Jane Iwanoff) does her duty for "The Divine Goddess".

She accepts cash or check.  Yes, this whole cult is a scam - using the impressionable young girls basically as prostitutes.

Patricia pays a visit to their temple.

Dorian and Patricia feel something for each other. But her father would never approve... nor would the Divine Goddess, who we'll meet soon.

We Are All Lost.

Amanda (? actress) is brought before Dorian to stand judgement for refusing to grant a man's sexual request.

Dorian smacks the shit out of her.

He allows her to leave the cult, but she begs to stay.

It's party time at the Camp of Love.

A bunch of naked weirdos dancing around like lunatics.

This naked girl has people put their hands on her head and walk in circles around her.  What the hell kind of cult is this?

This guy paints a nude chick.

Sylvia Engelmann masturbates then is serviced by some dude.

The Divine One (Laura Gemser) arrives.

The Children of Light sit in rapt adoration.

Note that somewhere in this film is David Koresh - yes, that David Koresh.  He plays a "henchman".  It's so weird that this is a movie about a weird cult where the women are basically prostituted - and here's fucking David Koresh!  

The Divine One pronounces judgement upon a couple who have fallen in love and therefore don't screw everyone they meet. That's forbidden in this free love cult.

The couple are whipped by the burly Tanga (Sascha Borysenko).

The Divine One announces the start of the fiesta.

The place erupts into a wild orgy.

Sex happens in all the various huts at the "Camp of Love"

The Divine One summons Tanga and Veronica (Veronika Schecker).

Later, the cultists relax.  Tanga gives the Divine One a massage.

Veronica rides one of the black guys.

Rose asks to be excused from the cult. The Divine One happily releases her.

But Tanga kills Rose after she walks away.  Cult members are forbidden from leaving.

It's party time again.

This black guy sings the worst song I've ever heard in my life.

He does have a super hot nude girl dancing to the rhythm.

Susan (Susi Hermann) is a new recruit and youngest member of the cult.

She shows herself to Dorian.

She's finally ready for the initiation.

Susan is brought before the Divine One.

The Divine One asks, "Susan, are you truly prepared to go through one of the most important moments of your life? In front of all our brothers and sisters as is demanded by our laws?"

She timidly agrees.

Tanga rams his cock into Susan, blood sprays, and she's hoisted up seemingly in shock as the cultists gather round.

The police arrive, but they don't have license to shut the cult down - yet.  

The Divine One knows their days are numbered.  Time to embark on a Jonestown style exit.

Dorian informs The Divine One that he has fallen in love with Patricia and is leaving the cult.

The Divine One wants to be gang banged before the final apocalypse. 

Tanga rolls a rock like he's the fucking Incredible Hulk to imprison Dorian and Patricia.

The love camp explodes in a blaze of glory. The Divine One had put a bomb in her own throne.

The senator is now accepting of Dorian; it's all good. 

 This could have been so good.  It's loaded with nudity and has the fun premise of a love cult with Jonestown elements. But Christian Anders infuses it with so much cringe.  The musical performances are godawful, an embarrassment, really.  It feels so corny and fake - and it's understandable how this often makes it onto "worst films of all time" listicles. Still, it has the sleaze factor down pat - and that's no small accomplishment.  I'm still getting over the fact that David Koresh is in this movie.

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