Mar 15, 2021

Devil in the Flesh (1991)


(Original Title: Il diavolo nella carne) A Joe D'Amato hostage film.  There were so many of these "Desperate Hours" type films ranging from The House at the Edge of the Park to Stronghold (1985), from Night of the Wilding (1990) to Devil's Sunday (1979). It should have its own genre (and maybe it does), named something like Hostageploitation. It's the same basic story: men (often criminals) break into a home (or place of work) and hold everyone hostage. While they're there, the women are often raped and abused as tension mounts.  Like Naked Massacre (1976), the hostages in this film are nurses; but unlike that film, they aren't necessarily victims.

Sammy (Robert LaBrosse) and Klaus (Wayne Camp) are two mercenaries in charge of getting Victorio (Harold Evans) to safety.  He was the prime minister of a South American country which recently suffered a coup.

Their rendezvous point is over a hundred miles away across the border.  So, with their injured prime minister, they stop at a small hospital.

Sophie (Nicole Grey) is carrying water when she's nabbed by Sammy.

Sammy introduces himself. There are only a few nurses here.

Victorio is given treatment.

Katrin (Tracy Ray) is the head nurse.

Sophie (Nicole Grey

Hellen (Jennifer Loeb) has managed to remain hidden.  She rushes to the radio to request help.

Klaus catches her.

He makes her strip, then rapes her. "You made me angry.  Now you're gonna have to make me forgive you."

Sophie sees Hellen getting raped by Klaus.

Sophie gets aroused (!)

After the rape, Sophie approaches Hellen.

Oh my god, is this really the best time to start a romance?

Sophie and Hellen pledge their love for one another.

Sexual tension also mounts between Sammy and Katrin, but they don't act on it.

Klaus gets eyed by Helga.

She meets him outside.

Klaus takes off Helga's clothes and they have sex.

Katrin watches from a window and gets aroused.

She lays in bed and rubs herself.

Helga falls in love with Klaus.

Hellen tells a soldier from the new government that he is not allowed in the hospital.  But that doesn't stop them; they are searching for Victorio.

They search the building.

The soldier gets abusive with Sophie, throwing her onto the bed.

He rips off her panties and rapes her.

Another soldier tears open Helga's uniform.

Sammy, Klaus, Victorio and Katrin are outside - I guess just letting the rapes happen.

Finally they spring into action.  They're injured but manage to kill the soldiers.

Helga cries on the stairs, sad to see Klaus leave.

Sammy says goodbye to Katrin.

They finally have sex.

They are able to get the van up and running; time to take Victorio to safety. But it will be a dangerous drive to the border.

Like Laurie Rose in The Hot Box (1972), Katrin decides she wants to go with them; Helga will go as well.

Sophie and Hellen stay behind.

Victorio collapses as they leave; they don't have much time.

They are able to get Victorio to safety.  Hega and Klaus, Katrin and Sammy embrace.  THE END

A bit problematic that these nurses get raped and abused, but then fall in love with their attackers.  But, in a way, being problematic is a hallmark of a good exploitation film. You certainly don't feel the gritty tension as in The House at the Edge of the Park or Naked Massacre (1976), but is by no means boring either. D'Amato was among the greats at knowing how to deliver the sleaze, and this film is a prime example of a film that could've been boring as hell, but becomes entertaining trash thanks to the D'Amato touch.


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