Mar 4, 2021

Debbie Does Dallas Part II (1981)


Follow up to the original 1978 film which pretty much does the opposite of everything that made the first film successful.

We've already discussed Bambi Woods and the various urban legends surrounding her.  Beyond just the longtime mystery of what became of her - what about the ~ three years between the first film and this?  She was a sensation - how did she not leverage that into A-list status amid the Golden Age of Porn? Instead, she doesn't do anything in film until this sequel.  Plus, she doesn't quite look the same.  Some of that mojo was lost in those intervening years.

Bambi Woods reprises her role as Debbie Benson.  The song over the title credits tell us that she never became a professional cheerleader.  So, she's now hitchhiking to stay with her aunt who runs a place called "the Ranch".

She's arrested for hitchhiking, and the local sheriff, Little John (Ron Hudd), tells her take off her clothes.

Read the review for the original - it's everything this film is not.  It was fun and light; in stark contrast, we're about to witness Debbie being raped.

For whatever reason, Debbie takes a liking to her rapist who delivers her to The Ranch. She's greeted by Aunt Xaviera (Jinger Jaye) who serves as madam for the bordello.

She's introduced to the whores.

Debbie is given a bath by brunette Mary Lou (Lisa Cintrice) and blonde  Betsy Lou (Jeanne Silver).

Another thing that bugged me about this film is that Debbie plays like she's an inexperienced virgin.  WTF?  Why is she made to be like a sheltered and innocent prude?  That isn't the Debbie I know.

The three ladies have a roll in the hay.

Aunt Xaviera doesn't want her niece to take part in the brothel until she's seen what really goes on.  Xaviera shows her various rooms where the whores fulfill various fantasies.

In this room Betty Sue (Ashley Welles) pretends to be an abused wife who gets raped by her husband.  It's all a part of a consensual fantasy... but still lacking the fun vibe of the original film.

Little John warns Xaviera that law enforcement will be cracking down on her brothel.

Ron Jeremy plays the vice agent who intends to shut down the place.

Sissy (Lisa Be) takes care of the two bumbling deputies.

Debbie and Mary Lou (Lisa Cintrice) take care of Ron Jeremy

A long and graphic sex scene - but it's filmed in the dark (!) with this horrible lighting.  What a terrible decision. Ugh.  And it ends with Debbie getting with Little John.

Total fucking garbage - shitting on everything that made the first film a hit.  
  • Part 1 was silly, lighthearted fun. Part 2 has a couple rapes and is devoid of humor..
  • Part 1 had well-lit sex scenes in interesting locations (library, record store, sauna). Part 2 has sex in bedrooms (yawn) and in a darkened stage where you can't see shit.
  • Part 1 featured a stunningly cute Bambi Woods.  Part 2's Bambi Woods seems a bit tired and worn.
  • Part 1 felt like a legit sex comedy with hardcore scenes here and there.  Part 2 felt like a porno.


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  1. She only did the first film to pay back someone she owed. See the interview here:

    Though notice her answer when asked why she doesn't want to make another film. This could be the reason it was so long between film. She just needed the money again by then, maybe?