Mar 21, 2021

Catalan Cuckold (1979)


(Original Title: Salut i força al canut) A sexologist turns thirty and his life turns upside down when his wife leaves him and he's back on the market.

Juan (Juanjo Puigcorbé) and his wife Laura (Alicia Orozco)

A little gratuitous nudity right off the bat from Alicia Orozco.

Juan is a sexologist, counseling married couples bring back the romance.

It's his thirtieth birthday. He visits with the in-laws.

Laura's father is barely coherent and her mother is unpleasant.

They spend the evening bored, watching home movies.

Back in bed; more boobs from Alicia Orozco

She confesses that she's been fucking his friend Marco.  Uh-oh.

Juan's friends gather for his thirtieth birthday party.

Marco (Pepón Coromina) brings his girlfriend Ana (Isabel Mestres).

Unlikable Lola (Anna Lizaran) and her doltish boyfriend.

Lola is starstruck with Marco, shaking his hand for an uncomfortably long time.

This movie is at the halfway mark, and nothing has happened.  

As you'd expect, Juan is a bit uncomfortable around Marco.

Marco, Juan, Laura and Ana pass around a joint.

Lola and Laura get into a fight.

Juan makes things exceedingly awkward when he plays a prank - stabbing a knife near Marco's groin, making everyone think he's chopped his dick off.

Poor Juan.  Sitting alone.  No one else found it funny.

The awkwardness continues.

Later that night, Ana (topless) brings Juan into the bedroom.

However, in the bedroom,there is a threesome going on between Laura, Ana and Marco.

Laura, the bitch, has the audacity to stand up, walk over to Juan and slap him.

Laura packs her bags and leaves.  A friend comes over with Estela (Assumpta Serna).

The next morning, Estela walks into the kitchen bottomless. 

I'm reminded of Julian Moore's scene in Short Cuts.  She's saying a lot of stuff, but I can't hear a word because her bush is right there.

Estela leaves to get some clothes on.  Imagine my surprise when she returns with a jacket, but still bottomless.

Juan runs into Marco, Laura and Ana at a bar.  Things are uncomfortable.

At the bar, Juan runs into one of his patients (Joan Borràs) and his girlfriend Nieves (Carme Molina)

He sleeps with Nieves.

Alone and sad.  Juan is supposed to be the marriage counselor, but his own relationships are in the toilet.

Time passes and he runs into Ana in a parking garage.

They have sex on the hood of a car.

Juan doesn't realize he's pushing the car forward.

The film ends with Laura's parents running into their car.

I like the way the film is shot; the look of each frame has a nice aesthetic.  Plus, the nudity, while fairly tame and sparse, is quite good.  However, it takes fucking forever to get going.  I'm okay with taking your sweet ass time, but the movie is halfway over before a damn thing happens.  I'm also not a huge fan of the thirtysomething Boomer drama.  


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