Mar 20, 2021

A Wife, Two Friends, Four Lovers (1980)


(Original Title: Una moglie, due amici, quattro amanti)  This Italian sex comedy is almost the exact same film as The Love Bug from the same year.  A bunch of scientists in a resort are put in compromising situations by an aphrodisiac. In this film it's the juice from a fruit; in The Love Bug it was the bite of an insect.

The exotic fruit that produces 'pomango' juice, an aphrodisiac. 

Dr. Paolo Lavetti (Luciano Salce) introduces the fruit to his medical colleagues. 

Bumbling buffoon, Dr. Luigi Frontoni (Renzo Montagnani) arroves late (as usual) to the meeting. He grabs a drink - not realizing he is slurping down the pomango juice. The effects are instantaneous. 

Signora Bigotti (Marina Hedman)

With the aphrodisiac raging through his veins, Luigi has a hard time conducting this house call.

As Luigi is going to town on his patient, Paolo is outside the room collecting bets.  All the doctors had wagered on whether this juice was for real.

Luigi's next patient is dancer, Antonella (Verónica Miriel).

Luigi tries to exercise control.

It doesn't help that Antonella has the hots for him. Also note that Luigi is married.

Paolo is interested in commercializing pomango juice.  Again, he uses Luigi as a guinea pig.

He has Sidonia (Andrea Guzon) waiting for him on the examination table.

With the arrival of Il Capitano, he tries to hide Sidonia. 

Il Capitano is mighty impressed.

When Luigi returns to the hotel at the conference, he finds Antonella in the shower. 

 Verónica Miriel delivers one helluva shower scene.

My thoughts exactly.

I love Renzo Montagnani's reactions.

A Texas oilman, Harry Brakson (Roger Browne), has brought Antonella champagne. 

Luigi hides while Antonella acts suspicious and stuttery. 

With Harry gone, Antonella is back to seducing Luigi.

Luigi, bless his heart, desperately tries to remain faithful to his wife.  He runs out of the room... but is slipped another dose of pomango.  He instantly starts humping the nearest female - which happens to be an older lady, (Trini Alonso).

All hopped on pomango, Luigi rushes back to Antonella's room.

But there's a big problem: Luigi's wife, Angelica (Olga Karlatos), arrives.  She doesn't catch them in the act, but she knows exactly what's been going on.

Hilariously, she smacks him around with a smile.

Angelica throws back her dress at the bar, giving Luigi a taste of his own medicine. The bartender, Factotum (Lucio Montanaro), gets an eyeful.

Every time Luigi tries to cover her up, Angelica whips the dress back open.

Paolo has snuck some of the pomango into Angelica's drink.  He's hoping it'll get her back with Luigi.

It does.

But the pomango is only so strong. Hilariously, Angelica resists the aphrodisiac's urges and resumes being mad at him, throwing things at him, etc.  Then will slip back into the pomango's control.

Poor Luigi doesn't know what the fuck is going on, but he just goes with it.

Predictably, this pomango juice causes all manner of compromising situations, misunderstandings, etc. resulting in a chaotic climax.

High energy, relentless gags with plentiful nudity. However, all rather predictable and not especially funny. I'm sure Italian audiences were rolling in the aisles in 1980; not so much viewed forty years later.


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