Mar 21, 2021

A Cousin in the Bathtub (1976)


Jesús Guzmán plays a hapless playboy who desperately wants his millionaire aunt's fortune.  The "good life" soon turns sour when his sexy cousin Isabel arrives.

Julio (Jesús Guzmán) is a TV star and producer, with women constantly wanting a piece of him.

His sexual antics routinely get in the way of work; much to the frustration of the director, it's impossible to film with him always onset grubbing some girl.

I can't help but compare Jesús Guzmán to Peter Sellers.  It's probably not fair to reduce his description to a Sellers clone, as Guzmán is much beloved and his career stretches back to the fifties. 

Millionairess Aunt Elvira (Silvia Solar)

Julio needs his aunt's money to maintain his playboy lifestyle; however, he hast to stay in her good graces and not reveal his randy habits.

Julio visits his aunt, and while taking a piss realizes someone is in the bath.

Isabel (Rosa Morata) is naked in the tub.  We see a nude woman, but it is definitely a body double.

Julio is surprised to learn that Isabel is Elvira's cousin.  This is problematic, especially considering the inheritance.

Very odd to see sexy Silvia Solar made-up to be an older woman.

Julio is back to shagging various actresses and models

Julio literally freezes up.  The sexual activity has essentially frozen him place.

He has to undergo experimental electroshock therapy.

Paula (Eva Robin) auditions for Julio.

Julio is finding it exceedingly difficult to control his loins.

Isabel is now Julio's secretary, inspiring the ire of his various actresses.

There is an attempt on Isabel's life - well, just a falling flower pot.  But it does make her wonder if someone is out to get her.

More looney gags.

Again, Julio tries to resist temptation, but can't.

He snoops around in Isabel's room.

She is in the bathroom and hears him.

Knowing full well he's under the bed, Isabel puts on a show.

Finally some nudity from Rosa Morata

Seeing Isabel's boobs puts Julio into a near-death experience.

A jealous husband holds everyone at gunpoint.

They're tied up and awaiting drowning.

Julio manages to get free and saves the day. They celebrate - but not before one last gag.

Jesús Guzmán is a joy to watch, but this movie was just too lame and unsalvageable.   Comedy, of all genres, stands up the worst over time.  It's the rare comedy that remains funny decades later.  That's why I often give the caveat that (in this case for example), Spanish audiences may have been rolling in the aisles in 1976.  However, the laughs don't hold up years later.  Also, the sleaze-factor is pretty thin, and the story itself not particularly imaginative.


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