Jan 18, 2021

Spaced Out (1971)


Suzanne Fields stars as a junkie who ditches her good-guy loser boyfriend for her pusher with perfect hair.

Cleo (Suzanne Fields) and her unemployed boyfriend, Jamie (Gerard Broulard), are on the street corner.

Cleo's dealer, Burt (Steven Jaworski), rolls up. She doesn't have the money to pay him, so he tells her to get in the car and maybe they can work something out.

Cleo kisses Jamie goodbye and says she'll be back in an hour.

Back at Burt's place.

Burt says, "I hope you're worth twenty bucks, baby."' He makes cocky asshole comments like this throughout the film.

Also note Burt's perfectly greased hair.  Not a single hair out of place from the film's start to finish.

Cleo earns the twenty bucks.

A random "intermission" where Jamie enjoys some drugs with a guy and a woman played by Nora Wieternik.

They smoke while having a threesome.

Cleo calls Burt, desperate for more drugs.

Burt lets her know it'll be fifty bucks this time.

Cleo comes with thirty dollars and she'll make up the difference with sex.

Burt can see she's strung out.  "Baby, you don't look so good."

Suzanne Fields puts on a helluva performance here.  A damn good actress, actually. It's crazy to me that her prolific career hits its pinnacle with Flesh Gordon in '74... and then she never appeared in anything again.  What happened?

Burt and Cleo bash Jamie for being the unemployed loser that he is.

Burt makes her feel better and they have sex.

Jame storms in, and he's pissed.

Burt and Jamie tussle on floor while Cleo screams for them to stop.  

Hilariously, the theme song for Hawaii 5-O plays in the background - totally ruining this dramatic moment.

Finally, Jamie pulls Cleo arm.  "C'mon, let's go."

Suzanne Fields delivers another compelling performance as she tells Jamie she can't leave with him. She knows she needs the drugs, so chooses to stay with Burt.  

Give this woman an Oscar goddammit.

Burt is horrified to see Cleo come out of the bathroom covered in blood.  She's cut her wrists.

She dies, and you get the feeling that Burt may have actually cared for her.

Sure, it's hamfisted and more than a little cheesy; it's also exceedingly cheap looking.  But Suzanne Fields kills it; you've got to give props for not just phoning it in because it's just a porno.  Maybe it didn't get worthy attention then, but fifty years later, she has a guy typing praise on his blog... and that's something, right?


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