Jan 23, 2021

Rosebud (1972)


A Roberta Findlay film about a girl who struggles with incestuous feelings, and is confronted with dirty hippies and rapists.  All the while, Jamie Gillis looks sad by the fireplace, gently fondling a rose.

Jamie Gillis plays Don, Rosebud's boyfriend - before she killed herself.  Don listens to her last words, recorded on the reel-to-reel.

The downward spiral really began when she caught her father (Richard Towers) with a woman named Marie (Arlana Blue).

Rosebud admits on the tape that she has incestuous feelings toward her father.

The whole time they're having sex, an instrumental version of "I'm A Believer" is playing in the background.

Gross.  She has incestuous feelings for this guy? Look at his damn tongue hanging out. 

Rosebud (Darby Lloyd Rains) is traumatized and runs away from home.

Dad and Marie just keep on keepin' on.

Rosebud goes to live at a hippie commune.

Her hippie roommate Terry (Cindy West) is just having sex on the living room floor and doesn't seem to notice or care that Rosebud has walked in.

Rosebud gets undressed for a bath... in front of their Confederate flag. 

The character of Rosebud is depressed and miserable for the entire film.

Terry gets round two on the bed. 

Rosebud joins in, but keeps thinking about her father the whole time.

Don continues to somberly listen to the tape. 

Rosebud moves out of the commune and gets a cat.

There's a knock at the door...

Terry has arrived and she's brought her friend (Tamie Trevor)

Jamie Gillis continues his performance of sadly listening to the tape.

Terry and her friend try to convince Rosebud to come back to the commune.

Back at her father's place, Kate (Helen Wood AKA Dolly Sharp) is visiting.

Kate and dad have a roll in the hay.

Rosebud arrives just in time to see the action.

Rosebud can't help herself; she masturbates while she watches.

 Helen Wood demonstrates her limberness.

Rosebud is out of the frying pan and into the fire.  She's pursued by a rapist (Alex Mann).

The rapist drags her down a spiral staircase.

Rosebud faints, and the rapist undresses her while she's passed out.

He struggles to hoist the dead weight up on the bench.

She wakes up and finds she's been raped.  She decides at that point to commit suicide.

Jamie Gillis continues his Oscar winning performance.

He remembers making love by the fire.

We see Don walk away in despair.  Cool Revolt of the Zombies poster, though.

The main problem with this film isn't the sappy, ham-fisted tragedy element, it's that Roberta Findlay narrates the whole damn film (as Rosebud's voice).  This was fairly common in the sixties when they couldn't afford sound equipment, they'd just dub over with stupid narration.  We don't hear a word from a single character in this film, other than Rosebud who sounds (obviously) a lot older than she should be. 

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