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Sep 14, 2020

The Bare Hunt (1963)


A private detective is on the case following a murder trail through the world of stag movies.  

Marv Watson plays private eye, Max T. Unimportant, a character so annoying, he's almost unwatchable.

Hilda (Marilyn Savage AKA Joan Brinkman) is his secretary 

One day, a Babe with the Bedroom Figure (Jimmie Marcell) walks through his door.

She tells him to meet her somewhere; she's got a job for him.

He's hit over the head later, and wakes up in her lap.

She changes into something more comfortable.

There's an intruder!

When Max awakens, he finds the woman dead.

He consults a Gypsy Fortune Teller (Palva Itano)

Her clues lead him to Madman Myrtle's 24 Hour Model Agency.  

He meets Madman Myrtle (Terry Boivert) who allows him to take pictures of her girls.  

The first girl is Amy (Paulette Kire)

But then she's murdered - a knife through the stomach.  (This will happen for each model.)

The next model: Mamie (Sherry Holden)

Mamie gets bottomless

She's shot through the stomach with a dart

Tiny (Karen Moore) is the next model.

She's strangled.

Flo (Shirley Skiles), the next model.

Flo gets an arrow through the head.

Madman Myrtle (Terry Boivert) gets it through the head as well.

Max's clues next take him to the home of a woman auditioning to be Cleopatra (Marge London).

Marge London was awesome in Boin-n-g (1963)

Suddenly, a rope slips over her head and hangs her!

Max is knocked out; when he comes-to, he finds Cleopatra dead.

Max's clues take him to "The Booby Twins", Daphne (Betty Peters) and Chloe (Angela Webster)

Some nice underwater filming of the Booby Twins skinny dipping

The Booby Twins are also killed.

Finally the clues lead him back to his secretary Hilda (Marilyn Savage)
She was the killer all along.

Quite possibly the dumbest movie I've ever seen; yet, I loved it. In fact, I'm going to utter the phrase cult film enthusiasts have learned to hate: "It's so bad it's good."  Points deducted because Max is intolerable, but otherwise, a campy oddball nudie cutie that was great fun.

Double Feature: Best watched with Case of the Full Moon Murders (1973)


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