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Sep 11, 2020

On Her Bed of Roses (1966)

A girl with daddy issues tells her psychiatrist about her effed up childhood, and how her boyfriend became a sniper serial killer.

 One day, Stephen Long (Ronald Warren) gets into his car, starts running people over, and pulls out a rifle.

 He starts picking random people off, then turns the gun on himself.  Why did he do it?  Let's talk to his girlfriend...

 Melissa Borden (Sandra Lynn) has been seeing this shrink for a year now.

 When the shrink presents her with a rose in honor of their one year anniversary, she faints.

 Melissa wakes up in the office of Dr. Richard von Krafft-Ebing (Lee Gladden), and begins her tale of her fucked up childhood, and her relationship with Steph.

 A brief fantastical scene with Melissa and the doctor.  

 Melissa thinks back to years past - when she came from school and found...

 Her mother, Joanna Borden (Barbara Hines), cheating on her father (as usual). 

 Melissa looks next door, and finds a weird scene...

 A mother is smooching all over her son - Steph!

 Steph's mother, Rachel Long (Regina Gleason), is every bit as fucked up as Melissa's mother.

 Melissa continues her story - this time focusing on her father.

 Melissa is having a party, and her father, Arthur Borden (Ric Marlow), hangs out.

  Jimmy Blake (Ned York) tries to get Melissa drunk.

 The party has a topless dancer (Elaine Poulos)

The great Pat Barrington makes an appearance as a belly dancer.

Pamebla Woolman makes love to a party guest, and the place turns into an orgy.

 Melissa gets hammered.

She catches her dad fooling around with one of her friends, and she freaks out.  Melissa starts attacking all the party guests, asking if anyone in the world is actually good.

Back to present day, and Melissa is drunkenly hitting on the shrink.

Sandra Lynn delivers quite a performance in this film. Sadly, Lynn didn't do a whole lot - a brief spot on My Favorite Martian and Batman, then a couple low budget movies, and that was it. 

 Melissa gets to know her neighbor, Steph.

Together they are free to be weird, and to hate on the rest of humanity.

Steph's mother catches them in the rose garden; she calls Melissa a whore and beats the shit out of her weird son.

Melissa's mother says she wants to fuck Stephan.

 She smacks the shit out of her daughter and then hits on the boy.

Melissa can't abide by this, and vows to run away.

 Steph and Melissa have one final night in the rose garden.

 She says goodbye, and Steph embarks on his murderous rampage.

 Well, we solved why she fainted when presented with the rose.  Anything else accomplished by reliving this hell?

Exploitation films as a general rule are devoid of artfulness.  They start with the exploitation element and work from there.  So: kids like sex and violence, let's give them sex and violence.  Anything beyond the exploitation element is typically an unnecessary frill. Thus, it's always a treat when you find an exploitation film where the director decides to realize an artistic vision, no matter how limited.  Even though he doesn't have to, he imbues it with a sense of style and creative flourish.  Albert Zugsmith does just that, and I'm interested to check out his other works.


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