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Sep 12, 2020

Lusting Hours (1967)

A mondo film about sex; basically a film that postures as a documentary, but really is just there to serve up the sleaze.

 You know this is a legit documentary when they literally give you the Webster's dictionary definition for the film's topic.

 We begin at a rural whorehouse. The Narrator (Lem Amero) explains, "Although they are looked down upon by the townsfolk, they do have a better position in life than the common street whore."

 Two of the prostitutes fight.

But be warned - the narrator explains, "What might appear to be a spontaneous fight might well be a cleverly rehearsed scene for the benefit of the customers."

One of the prostitutes (Jean Reynolds) goes upstairs with a guy (Jim Stanton) who roughs her up.

The whorehouse puts on a show "conjuring up super-sexual delights that will bring each individual to his own self-induced climax"

The Madame (Fay Howard) on the right: "Unlike the girls who work for her, who are basically lazy, the madam has above average intelligence."

Now we change scenes and go to a photographer's studio.

 Narrator: "Does she wonder why he will take endless pictures of her body, but will never touch her or suggest any physical act they might enjoy together?"

Two lesbian models: Janet Banzet (left) and Sheila Britt (right)

Janet Banzet looks very different with a Betty Draper wig.

Some cool marquees. 

The last segment deals with call girls, but isn't particularly interesting.

These mondo movies almost never hold up.  They served their purpose at the time - providing a way to show T&A under the illusion of education. Now, not so much.  Perhaps as a cultural relic, but boring regardless.

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