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Sep 12, 2020

Eve and the Handyman (1961)

A Russ Meyer comedy starring his wife, Eve Meyer, as a woman who spies on a bumbling handyman as he performs his jobs around San Francisco.

 Eve Meyer plays Eve, a woman who is spying on a handyman as he makes his rounds around town.

 Why is she spying on him?  It's a mystery.

 Anthony-James Ryan plays the bumbling handyman.  His first job of the day is to clean the women's restroom.

 As women enter, he hides in a stall, but is soon discovered.

 On to the next job.

 This job is at the laundromat. 

 Eve still watches from afar.

A young woman (Iris Bristol) arrives to do her laundry.

The handyman is so distracted he completely misses that the woman has just put all the clothes she's wearing into the washing machine!

 The next job is at an office building.

Eve Meyer plays the secretary.

 The handyman sees those boobs as he cleans the window...

 Eve Meyer plays a waitress.  Note that these characters played by Meyer are not meant to be Eve the spy in disguise. (Confusing at first.) 

Eve Meyer now plays a hitchhiker who's having trouble flagging down a ride.

 So, she takes off her clothes.

When that doesn't work, she takes off her top.

The handyman rolls up and throws her a dirty pair of jeans to cover up, then drives off.

 On to the next job.

Eve Meyer plays Hot Hannah

She plays pinball

 Sexiest game of pinball in cinema history.

 The handyman's next job is at an artist's studio where there is a nude model.

Jacqueline Stevens plays the model 

 In the end, we find why Eve has been stalking the handyman - to sell him some brushes.  Ugh.  What a long build up for such a horrible punchline. 

It's not funny, and the gags are just awful.  Maybe comedy wasn't Russ Meyer's strength. But Eve Meyer looks amazing in this film, and the picture overall has a bright whimsical comic-book feel that makes for an entertaining watch.

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