Sep 20, 2020

Drop Out Wife (1972)


A Stephen C. Apostolof film written by Ed Wood, Jr. and starring Angela Carnon, who through course of working on VZ1, I have found to be an incredible B-movie actress.  Also featuring a ton of regulars on the early-seventies sexploitation circuit, Terri Johnson, Jane Tsentas, Lynn Harris and Sandy Dempsey. It's your typical story of an unsatisfied housewife who tries to play the swingers game only to find it tears her life apart.

Peggy (Angela Carnon) shows up in the middle of the night at the home of her best friend Janet (Terri Johnson).

Peggy tells Janet the whole story of how she got to this point.

Four years ago, her and Jim (Christopher Geoffries) were married.  Everything seemed so promising.

On their wedding night, Peggy freshens up.

Back then, sex was good.

Like a good friend, Janet listens and makes her feel better.

Then Peggy tells of when things took a dark turn...

Years passed, and Jim complains that Peggy no longer cares about her appearance or turning him on.

Then he gets pissed and smacks her to the ground!... and she's pregnant.

Peggy stays with Jim, but the sex is still lousy.

To spice things up, they go to a swingers orgy.  Jane Tsentas in trippy kaleidoscope effect.

The gangs all here.  Bottom left, Jane TsentasKathy Hilton at top left, big boobed Candy Samples in the center, and our girl Peggy (Angela Carnon) getting absolutely pounded on the right.  If this scene looks familiar, it was used in the other Ed Wood, Jr. penned flick, The Cocktail Hostesses (1973) which used this same footage and also a later cocktail lounge. 

Hey, it's Sandy Dempsey!

Peggy getting rammed - absolutely incredible.  Angela Carnon was a national treasure.

Kathy Hilton moves on to Peggy.

And one more familiar face from early 70s sexploitation shows up - Lynn Harris on the right.

As it turns out, the swingers scene just made their marriage worse.  Jim can't understand how she can take such pleasure from other mean, but can't from him.

Angela Carnon is actually a damn fine actress; a compelling screen presence.

Jim and Peggy split up and she plays the singles scene.

She has a one night stand, but finds he's married.

She has a one night stand with a pilot named Captain Rogers (Douglas Frey) and utters the line, "I'm Peggy, Fly Me." Classic.

But things get weird when she's sleeping and Rogers invites his buddy into bed.

As the threesome unfolds, we focus on this candle.  I love little cheesy flourishes like this.

Peggy breaks down; she's in shambles.  Janet tries to cheer her up by taking her to the Cameo club.

She starts flirting with the guitarist played by the one and only Harvey Shain

She does a number with a cherry.  Super sexy.

She gets with the guitarist... 

..and in the same room, Janet gets with the pianist.

The guys coax Janet and Peggy to have sex while they watch.

This crosses a line for Peggy.  She won't have sex with a woman - least of all her best friend.

She leaves and goes searching for her children (whom she abandoned) at a playground. THE END

Well, I've gushed ad nauseam about Angela Carnon, so I might as well say it again - she fucking rules.  Add to that, the Edward D. Wood Jr. factor, and a laundry list of pretty much every sexploitation starlet of the time (just add Rene Bond, Sandy Carey and Uschi to make it complete).. and you've got yourself a banger.  

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