Aug 21, 2020

I Was Raped (1976)

(Original Title: Yo fui violada) An insane film that should be on everyone's watch list who's interested in sleazy grindhouse oddities. This one comes from Mexico and features a hippie cult that just has to be seen.

 I love that there's a Hertz logo in the opening credits.

Carlos (Armando Silvestre) sees a sleeping woman through a window and approaches.

 She awakens with a fright.

 Carlos punches her around, and knocks her out.

 He rapes her while she's unconscious.

Sixteen years later...

 Laura's daughter Elba (Leticia Perdigón) is at the beach with her boyfriend, Toto (Ricardo Cortés)

 They're hanging out with a bunch of dirty, dope smoking hippies.

 Carlos is actually the head of the hippie group and offers them some free weed.

 Laura and her mother, (Anita Villalaz)

Elba comes home acting strange.

Laura would never imagine her good little girl would be stoned; she just thinks she's not feeling well.

 Laura is actually a prostitute.  Guess who shows up for some action...

 It's Carlos.  Laura tells him to get lost - reminding him that he raped her sixteen years ago.

 Elba comes home stoned.

The marijuana makes her act erratic and she slaps grandma!

 A look inside the bizarre hippie cult HQ.

A woman named Betty (Evelia Ma. Barnett) is brought in and placed on an altar.

Full frontal nudity from Evelia Ma. Barnett in her only film credit.

 Elba and Toto watch the hippie ritual.

 Elba comes home and finds her mother waiting for her.  She found one of her joints.

 She makes Elba smoke it - which causes her to pass out.

 Elba gets stoned and hangs out with one of the hippie girls (Dilsa Lara).

 She's laid in bed and then molested while she's passed out.

Elba wakes up and runs out of there.  The hippie girl just lays back and laughs.

The incident made Elba wake up to the situation, and she's happy at home again.

 The happiness is short-lived, as she and Toto are abducted by the cult.

 She's knocked out and fed drugs.  Then Carlos undresses her.  (Jeez. This is the third time this film where a woman is knocked out and molested!)

Toto fights against Carlos but is shot.

 Carlos carries Elba to a back room.

 While she's still unconscious, he undresses her and rapes her.

Toto is able to call Laura before he dies.

 Laura shows up and finds her daughter nude on the bed.

She informs Carlos that he just raped his own daughter!  He asks "Entonces...¿ella es mi hija?" Yes, motherfucker, you just did the unthinkable.

Laura then shoots him repeatedly in the dick.  THE END 

Man, what a ride.  This was so ridiculous and insane, that I couldn't take my eyes off it.


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