Aug 19, 2020

What Now, Mr. Prosecutor? (1977)

(Original Title: ¿Y ahora qué, señor fiscal? ) A Spanish drama about a young couple - the girl from a rich respectable family, and the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, who's charged with murder.

 José (Valentín Trujillo) storms into a brothel to find a friend.

A very brief appearance from Eva Lyberten who plays one of the prostitutes (of course showing bush).

He finds El Mangas (Ricardo Masip) and beats the shit out of him.

 The police are after him, and he hides out at the home of his girlfriend, Paloma (Leticia Perdigón).

 She says goodbye as he's hauled off by the police for murder - not of El Mangas, but of a woman.

 He swears he's innocent to the attorney, Julia (Silvia Solar).

José tells Julia of when he first met Paloma at the beach.

She fell off a raft and he carried her to shore.

 It was love at first sight.

They have sex, but are interrupted by El Manga.

A brief full frontal scene from Leticia Perdigón who you may remember from Fuera ropa (1995).

 They put on some records and try again.

 They have sex - and he gets her pregnant.

 El Manga gets beat up and is tended to by a prostitute named Rosa (Verónica Miriel)

 Rosa has a thing for José.

 José and Paloma go on a date. Some rich guys who are from the same rich circles as Paloma make fun of  José who's from the wrong side of the tracks.

  José doesn't take this shit lightly, and ends up getting arrested.

 Paloma's family finds that she's pregnant.

 Miscarriage.  It's one tragedy after another.

Amid their tragedies, love keeps them together.

 Rosa (Verónica Miriel) lays it on thick for José.

 He doesn't have time for this shit.

 José isn't exactly the non-violent type.  Maybe he did kill that woman?

A nice long full frontal scene from Verónica Miriel.

 Back to present day; El Manga ends up confessing to the murder.

He describes the fateful evening: he was hiding under the bed of Tía María (Susana Mayo).

He reaches out from underneath the bed and grabs her.

 He then strangles her to death.

It gets worse: he rapes her after she's dead.

The cops come to José's cell to let him free, now that they know he's innocent.  They find him dead - suicide.  "I'm innocent" written in blood on the wall. THE END

This could easily have been a hokey West Side Story melodrama, but it packs in a lot of sleaze and angry energy, which keeps things interesting. 

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