Aug 23, 2020

When It Itches, Yodel (1974)

(Original Title: Wenn's juckt wird gejodelt) A German sex comedy about a couple of idiots who go in search of a ship captain's long lost illegitimate children.

Alternate Title:  Zwei Rebläuse auf dem Weg zur Loreley (1974)

A boat full of tourists traveling down the Rhine.

 Aboard Reverend Bollinger (Helmut Gauer) and Mariechen (Almut Berg

Almut Berg's cleavage makes lots of appearances.  It would make a good drinking game.

Sepp Brunnhöfer (Willy Harlander) is the ship's captain.

One of the crew hits on a passenger,  Alexandra Bogojevic.

 Back on the Bavarian shore we meet two imbeciles: Josef (Fritz Korn) and Conrad (Erich Kleiber)

They're eyeing a nude woman in a neighboring apartment.

 No idea who this actress is.

A drunk Sepp and his buddies, Josef and Conrad.

He entrusts his friends' sons, Conrad Jr. and Jupp (Olli Maier), to find his three missing sons.

 So, Conrad and Jupp set out on the quest.

They find a woman, Else Schmitz (Claudia Fielers), getting pounded in a VW.

The guy is Georg Wurster (Bertram Edelmann)

They're taken to the town where the three missing sons are likely to be found.  There, they meet two ladies, Eva Gross and Rita Waldenberg

They go to a bar where two waitresses randomly strip...

The big boobed lady on the right is Anneliese Groebl

No idea who the woman on the right is...

The couples head to the apartment.

The next day, Conrad and Jupp overhear Mariechen (Almut Berg) reporting three girls missing.  The boys realize these must be Sepp's children - not sons, but rather daughters.

 Remember the drinking game?

The mothers of the three "missing" daughters gather together.  They can't have people knowing that the girls are actually the offspring of the promiscuous ship captain.  The blonde mother is Elke Boltenhagen, who is in a ton of these movies.

Paula Schmitz (Johanna Forster), climbs a ladder.

To be added to the list.  I'm amazed at how many examples of this we're finding.

 Jupp and Conrad find the two missing Schmitz -

 Trude Schmitz (Eva Garden) and Paula Schmitz (Johanna Forster) who we met on the ladder.

Paula gets undressed.

As does Trude Schmitz (Eva Garden). Clearly these girls, Trude, Paula and Else (who we met in the VW) have inherited their father's sexual appetite.

In the end, Sepp is reunited with his lost love Else Schmitz (Elisabeth Volkmann)  , and the three daughters

Trude (Eva Garden), Paula (Johanna Forster), and Else (Claudia Fielers

And the Lorelei of the Rhine gives us a wink. (WTF?) THE END

More than a little confusing and all-over-the-place.  So many characters to keep track of, and such a convoluted story.  But there was nudity a'plenty, so I can't be mad.

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