Aug 3, 2020

Poison That You Gave Me (1989)

(Original Title: Veneno que tú me dieras) This is a Spanish remake of the Argentinian comedy Expertos en Pinchazos (1979) starring Jorge Porcel and Alberto Olmedo.  We've covered a lot of Porcel/Olmedo films, but haven't gotten to that one yet.  The setup for nearly all Porcel/Olmedo films is that they are in a position they don't belong (acting as surgeons, or businessmen) and their inability to perform their jobs (and unbridled horniness) are the sources for endless gags.

 Arturo (Antonio Ozores) and Jonás (Juanito Navarro) work at a pharmacy.

 When a pretty customer arrives, so does the comedy.

 Like Porcel/Olmedo, they'll do anything to get the girls to undress, and then behave like old men in heat.

It's insane how easily the women in these films are tricked out of their clothes.

 Jonás takes the next pretty customer.

 Once again, the gullible girl takes off her clothes.

 Claudia (Rosina Pantoja) is the next customer.

 She's given a special preparation to relieve her severe headaches.

Jonás and Arturo find that they've just given Claudia rat poison!  Julián (Simón Cabido) the pharmacist, sends them out to stop her from taking the deadly concoction. The trouble is, they have no idea where to find her.

They try to blend in at a club.  Rosa (María Casal) is enlisted to help find the customer with the poison.

The guys go from one unlikely location to the next on their search.  Jonás pretends he's gay, and walks in on a woman showering. (? actress).

 I always find it amazing in these films how, just by having a gay affectation, women will let you see them naked, and even let you soap them up in the shower.

 Dressed for a costume party, the guys continue their hunt for Claudia.

 After going to all manner of locations, the guys are exhausted and about to give up.

One more stop - a health spa. 

 The women are a-ok with having these fellas just barge in with metal detectors.

Next stop, the Surfasaurus.

Antonio Ozores and Juanito Navarro perform a comedic magic act for an actual crowd.

Finally, they find the elusive Claudia. THE END

Pretty weak.  I suspect Expertos en Pinchazos (1979) is much better.  I have a lot of respect for Ozores, and always find him funny.  But this was just lame.

Double FeatureExpertos en Pinchazos (1979) would be the obvious choice, but another Porcel/Olmedo film, Surgeons Go Hand In Hand (1980), will also do the trick.

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