Aug 20, 2020

Un macho y sus puchachas (2001)

The font is Comic Sans, so you know it's got to be good.  We've covered a few other Alberto Rojas "Macho" films [Un macho en el reformatorio de señoritas (1989), Un macho en el salón de belleza (1987) and Un macho en la cárcel de mujeres (1986)] so may as well keep it going.  They're always insanely stupid, but also a lot of fun - great therapy for these crazy mixed-up times we live in.

This is a weird one, however.  It's actually a remake of a 1982 film of the same title (and most of the same cast).  So, while the "Macho" films usually feature a laundry list of familiar Mexican actresses getting naked; this one just has Diana Herrera for the "old guard" and far inferior.

Meet Rossy (Claudia Sheif)

 Rossy actually manages a brothel.

 El Gladeolo is played by Alberto Rojas who actually directed this remake.

 Rossy and Gladeolo meet their next customer and assign him to a prostitute.

 Lucha (Diana Herrera) is shocked at how big his dong is.

 Rossy and Gladeolo hear the unusually loud sex noises coming from the room.

Lucha is absolutely pounded.

 She can barely make it down the stairs.

Lucha has to sooth her loins in a bucket (!)

 With Lucha unable to continue, they assign Penelope (Ruth Morales).

 During sex, the customer up and dies.

Gladeolo informs Rossy they have a dead customer upstairs.

 At that moment, a group of drunk customers arrive.

 So, Rossy and Gladeolo have to prop the customer up to pretend he's alive.

 The "comedy" comes from distracting the customers from the dead guy in the room.

 Gladeolo does a musical number.  Alberto Rojas was always such a jubilant ham.

 In the end, we find the customer isn't actually dead.  (Of course, they think he's a ghost thanks to the flour)

Fuck this was terrible.  These Mexican comedies always, at least had the T&A factor to kick things up a notch when the comedy failed... but this had nothing to offer.  

Double Feature: I did find it interesting that, not only was this a remake of a 1982 film, but evidently Muerto al hoyo... y el vivo tambien (1990) was a remake of that film as well.  That film was much, much better than this piece o' shit.

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