Aug 1, 2020

A Man in a Women's Prison (1986)

(Original Title: Un macho en la cárcel de mujeres) While most Women In Prison (WIP) flicks tend to be violent and disturbing, this Mexican entry into the genre takes a comedic angle.

There were a number of  Alberto Rojas "Macho" movies. We've covered several.

 Alberto Rojas dresses as a woman to spy on his fiance's fidelity at a party.

Shit gets out of hand, culminating in the breaking of an expensive vase, and Rojos goes to prison. 

 He's dressed as a woman, so naturally he goes to a women's prison, right?  On the left is the always-phenomenal María Cardinal.  Rosario Escobar also plays one of his cellmates.

The great Rebeca Silva 

Rojas has to maintain the facade that he's a woman.  Hilarity ensues.

 Yet another example of the A-Frame.

A shower scene featuring a room full of naked ladies.

María Cardinal on the left.

The ladies discover Rojas is a man.

 Rojas' fiance works diligently to get him out of prison. She even gets a conjugal visit, but (like almost all the sex scenes in this film) it's too dark to tell what's going on.

Rebeca Silva is completely wasted in this role.  She has one sex scene, but again it's too dark.

 María Cardinal's sex scene is probably the best.  All the ladies are taking turns with Rojas now that they've discovered he's a man.

 The ladies line up for a turn with Rojas.

The funniest parts of the film are watching his fiance and Chatanuga fight to get him out, picturing him suffering inside the prison walls. Meanwhile, Rojas is getting laid day and night.

The prisoners give a sad farewell when Rojas is finally set free.

Once freed, he gets married.  All is well.  THE END

Ugh.  This was so bad.  I'm sure a restored version would improve things a bit, but it would be polishing a turd.  Its worst offense is making basically all the prison scenes in very dim lighting; often damn-near total darkness.  Someone needed to turn on the fucking lights.  It's second offense is taking almost thirty minutes before Rojas is even in the prison.  And yet another capital crime - Rebeca Silva, Maria Cardinal and other well-familiar faces in Mexploitation are completely wasted in this film.  A crying shame.

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