Aug 16, 2020

A Male in a Girl's Reformatory (1989)

(Original Title: Un macho en el reformatorio de señoritas) Our third Rojas Macho film. So far, we've covered Un macho en el salón de belleza (1987) and Un macho en la cárcel de mujeres (1986).

  Alberto Rojas is dressed as Quasimodo because the man of a thousand faces like Lon Chaney.  His lover is Lina Santos.

 Out of costume, Rojas is a studly actor.

 Shit goes south when Lina is put in a reform school.

 Jeannette Mass is a demanding actress, and Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez is the much abused assistant and makeup person.

 Rojas arrives to bang Jeannette.

 Okay, so we know Jeannette Mass is completely naked; so therefore we know Rojas is getting quite the view with her legs spread right in front of him.

 We've seen Jeannette Mass delivers some amazing nude scenes, but this one is among the best.

 In order to track down Lina, the man of a thousand faces dresses as a priest.  Manuel, acting as his chauffeur, will check each window while he has them occupied.

 It's actually a house of ill repute, and he's greeted by the madam,  Princesa Lea.

 She disrobes and take shim upstairs.

 He's set up with  Gioconda,

 They're then joined by Blanca Nieves.

 Meanwhile, Lina must contend with the strict reform school headmistress, Hilda Aguirre.

Lina is hysterical and has to be knocked out.

 She's put in solitary confinement.

Still tracking down Lina, Rojas and Manuel dress as Hari Krishnas with Chatanuga.

 Lina is put in a room with the rest of the other reform school girls. But she's still beside herself with grief.

This is where shit gets weird; Rojas disguises himself as a teacher at the reform school.  Somehow there is a teacher there that looks like him (I'm not sure if it's explained they're related.  All I can say is Rojas looks disturbing in this getup.

Rojas meets the head of the reform school,  Hilda Aguirre.

Evidently, the teacher he's switched places with had a thing going with the headmistress.

 It's bizarre to watch with Rojas in this disguise going down on her, but at least we get to see  Hilda Aguirre topless.

 Rojas begins his search of the facility for Lina.

He walks into a room full of naked girls.  He's confronted by Rosario Escobar.

Lizbeth Olivier on the right.

 Adriana Rojas... god, the number of naked chicks in this film is astounding.

 Rojas can take it no longer and exposes himself to the girls.

Lizbeth Olivier is horrified. 

 Once the shock wears off, the girls scramble to take their turn with a real man.

The girls dutifully wait their turn. After Rosario Escobar, it's Adriana Rojas's turn.

Of course, Rojas is eventually able to get Lina freed from the institution and they get married.

Manuel marries the teacher Rojas swapped places with. What the fuck? THE END

Holy crap.  This was just as stupid and silly as any other Rojas film, but this one kicked the full-frontal nudity up a few notches with an endless array of Mexican actresses showing it all.  I love how his films never follow a typical story arc, with standard setup and follow-through. Instead, it goes all over the fucking place, from brothels, to Hari Krishna, to reform school, and incorporating this weird idea that he's a master of disguise.  It's just batshit crazy and I enjoyed every minute.

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