Aug 4, 2020

The Vengeance of the Vampire Women (1970)

Santo battles a resurrected female vampire.

 Some shady characters lurk in the back of a swingin' discotheque. 

 These goons abduct one of the go-go dancers.

 A coffin is brought to the lab of Doctor Igor Brancov (Víctor Junco).

The coffin contains the body of a long-dead vampire.

Blood is transfused from the go-go dancer (Patricia Ferrer) to the vampire.

 Countess Mayra (Gina Romand) is resurrected.

 Paty (Norma Lazareno) and Robles (Aldo Monti)

Norma Lazareno was amazing in Night of the Bloody Apes (1968), even providing nudity (in 1968 Mexico, where that was still pretty verboten). Sadly, no skin from her in this film.

 They meet the great Santo.

 A long wrestling match.

 Robles gives Santo a pep talk after a losing round.

 The crowd goes wild.

Doctor Igor Brancov and Countess Mayra are in attendance and are none too happy.  Mayra hates Santo for what he did to her long ago.

 That night, Santo stops Mayra from claiming a victim.

 Back at the club.

 Mayra finds a male victim and makes him one of her legion of vampires.

 This time it's a female victim turned vampire.

Paty and Robles gather clues to stop Mayra.

Mayra gets lost in a dungeon of horrors, but it's too dark to see.  The light department was off its game for this scene, and some cool sets are wasted.

 Countess Mayra addresses her vampire slaves.

Hilarious. Paty goes undercover as a hippie chick at the club.

Mayra spots her and commands that she be taken to her lair.

 Paty is hypnotized to go where they tell her.

 Robley is also captured.

 Here comes Santo!

 Paty is tied upon a slab for sacrifice.

Santo and Robley arrive in the nick of time.  The vampires are all burned. THE END

While the story and action was a bit lacking, the overall look to this film is awesome.  The horror/Halloween vibe is strong, and who doesn't love a good shagadelic discotheque? Santo pictures rule - they're campy, but done earnestly (if that makes sense), so they avoid being cheesy.

Double Feature: You simple have to go with Santo and Dracula's Treasure (1969)

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