Aug 21, 2020

The Dairy of Zacarias (1986)

Yet another Mexican sex comedy - a well that seemingly never will run dry. Although, this one is pretty damn near the bottom.

 Don Juan (Sergio Ramos) runs a dairy called "Las Glorias de Don Zacarias,"

 His assistant is Mariano

 La Portera, the perpetually infuriated neighbor.

 He's currently furious because he sees his wife (Martha Elena Cervantes) showering with the damn window open for everyone to see.

 Among those enjoying the view is Mariano.

La Portera gives her what-for, but she snaps right back at him.

Give Martha Elena Cervantes a fucking Oscar.  Her expressive comedic performance is purge gold.

No respect - not even from his daughter. 

I think César Bono is in this movie because it was a national law that he had to be in every single comedy released in the late eighties. 

 These milkmen definitely have the life. Mariano gets hit on by one of the customers on his route, Diana Herrera

She spots her husband coming.

 He bursts in waving garden clippers.

Don Juan has a thing going with La Portera's wife, Martha Elena Cervantes.

 Martha Elena Cervantes had been acting since the fifties; I'd say she's still looking good - and not ashamed to show it.

 Mariano wants Olivia Collins, but keeps getting rebuffed.

 Check out that ride and those acid-washed jeans.

 La Portera and his wife continue to bicker at home.

Socorro Albarrán enters the store.

 Or course, Don Juan is all over her.  

 Don Juan and Martha are about to get busy, but there's a knock at the door.

 Martha hides, and Don Juan does his thing with Socorro.

 Another knock at the door.

Socorro hides, and this time it's La Portera waving a gun, suspecting Martha is here.

Mariano is back with Diana Herrera

If you're wondering if there's a plot anywhere to be found, there is... kinda.  But it's boring and irrelevant.

 Rosario Escobar shows up.

 Like every woman in this film, she's inexplicably attracted to Don Juan.

 But he can't do it.

La Portera and Martha are back together.

Mariano finally makes headway with Olivia Collins

 Sadly, no nudity from Collins.

 And Don Juan is back with Socorro. 

Damn that was repetitive and dumb.  Martha Elena Cervantes was pretty fun to watch (and unafraid to shows those boobs), but otherwise, pretty awful and unfunny.


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