Aug 5, 2020

The Cannibal Man (1972)

A butcher at a factory farm kills somebody and his fiance is a witness.  He has to kill her and this creates a domino effect, where he has to kill one person after another to protect his secret.  He subsequently has to kill his brother, his brother's fiance, and his own father.  Talk about escalating!  Each body he carries to his filthy little room until he can take them to the sickening factory farm where he works. Oh, and there's actually no cannibalism in the film.

"The Week of the Killer" was the original title. Also reportedly was the first movie to use the "vomit-bag" gimmick. Theaters offered free barf bags with the tickets to increase the sales of this 'violent' film.  It also found its way to the infamous Video Nasties list.

 Our titular cannibal man lives in this dump positioned in a desolate hellscape.  It's the perfect setting for this bleak and profoundly grim picture.

 The local diner.

 Marcos (Vicente Parra)

As if things weren't bleak enough; Marcos works at a factory farm.

 Fucking depressing.

 Marcos meets his fiance, Paula (Emma Cohen).

 Marcos gets into it with the cab driver.

 He refuses to pay, and things escalate.

Marcos kills the guy.

We love Emma Cohen on VZ1.  Interesting fact - she played Gallina Caponata in Barrio Sésamo, a counterpart to Big Bird in the Spanish version of Sesame Street.

 Sex is unusually rough tonight.

Paula insists that he go to the police; naively she assumes he won't be charged with murder - that he can claim self-defense.  Our Cannibal Man doesn't see things this way, and strangles her to death.

He carries her back to the bedroom and stows her under his bed.

 A disturbing look at the bloody equipment at the factory farm.

 Marcos has an unconventional use for the machinery.

At the usual hangout with Rosa (Vicky Lagos) the waitress and his brother.

 Marcos kills his brother when he finds out about the murders.

 Carmen (Lola Herrera) comes looking for her husband, his brother.

 Okay, this is murder number four if you're keeping count.

 He places them in macabre fashion on his bed.

He meets with Rosa (Vicky Lagos) the waitress who has a thing for Marcos.

Goddamn this shit is so bleak.

 Rosa tells her father she's going to church as an explanation why she's so dressed up.

 Really, she's going to meet Marcos, but again, things take a dark turn.

 Number six (he also killed dad).

He meets with his neighbor Néstor (Eusebio Poncela), will he be number six?

After a speech from Néstor, Marcos does the right thing and calls the police and confesses.

One of the bleakest, most nihilistic films I've seen since Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer. Not enjoyable in the slightest, but I can appreciate it - this level of existential dread is hard to capture on film.

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