Aug 1, 2020

Tac-tac (1982)

A rape-revenge movie from Mexico starring Beatriz Elorrieta.

 Verónica Gala (Beatriz Elorrieta)

She works as a physician's assistant for her father, Leonardo (Héctor Alterio).  Very odd to see Mirta Miller show up as a patient; just a few moments onscreen.

 Verónica is your typical girl - hangs out with friends, drinks, and has a good time when not on the job.

An outstanding full frontal nude scene from Beatriz Elorrieta as she takes a bath.

Her father freaks out when he walks in on her.  Clearly, he's dealing with the problematic thoughts racing through his libido.

 "Lo siento"

Leonardo takes out his misplaced lust on his wife, Amparo Soler Leal.

 Marcos (Juan Meseguer) is Verónica's boring boyfriend

 She meets a wealthy super stud named Ángel (Ángel Alcázar) at a horse riding contest.

 Verónica: "Marcos who?"

 She agrees to go over Angel's posh mansion.

 A warning sign: Angel tries to get her drunk.

When Verónica won't have sex with him, Angel freaks the fuck out.

 He tries to rape her, but she escapes.

Angel keeps showing up at her social events, stalking her.

 Finally, he catches up with her on a lonely road.

 A very graphic rape scene.

 Verónica goes home and cries in the shower.

 She pours rubbing alcohol all over herself.

 She tells Marcos about it.

 They try to have sex, but she almost throws up. 

Verónica invites Angel over.

She knocks him out with a drink, then puts him on the operating table.

 Verónica fucking castrates him!

She drops him off in his car, leaving a jar containing his balls. THE END

Holy shit.  Before Audition, there was Tac-tac.  Beatriz Elorrieta delivers a great performance, and the direction from Luis Alcoriza is top tier.

Double Feature: Perfectly paired with Los placeres ocultos (1989), another insane rape-revenge flick.

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