Aug 25, 2020

Swap Meet at the Love Shack (1973)

Originally called Liebesmarkt but re-titled for UK and American consumption. This really falls under the Schulmädchen-Report style film where it's comprised of a series of vignettes which are linked to a central framing story.  (It doesn't quite have the faux-documentary basis, so maybe doesn't belong in that category.)  It stars three prolific German sexploitation actresses: Monica Marc, Britt Corvin and everyone's favorite, Ingrid Steeger.

 The central framing story is a party where Iris has had her guests answer personal ads for the purpose of helping her with her dissertation.

Iris is played by Monica Marc who was in a ton of these German exploitation films.  A very cute actress, but for whatever reason didn't get the cult status later on that some of her colleagues received (ex. Ingrid Steeger, Christina Lindberg, Marie Forså, Ulrike Butz).

The first vignette features Josef Moosholzer as a chimney sweep who runs into Waltraud Schaeffler

 Waltraud Schaeffler unexpectedly enters the kitchen naked.

 Iris and her boyfriend (sporting a dandy pink hat) respond to an ad placed by a rich couple.

 The woman (Karin Glier) requests they have dinner naked.

 Iris suggests they have fun with produce.

A weird game of having to keep an apple under your chin whilst fucking.

The next vignette features  Ingrid Steeger as Sabine who responds to an ad to pose as a nude model.

 The artist has them pose in this odd position.

I swear  Ingrid Steeger does this wild jerky dance in every single movie she's in.

 She's carried to the bed and they have sex.

 They wake up the next morning...

They find that they are actually in a show room with window shoppers  laughing at them.

How did they not know the artist's studio was a furniture store? 

Britt Corvin plays Inge who shows up to the party butt naked.  How did she come to be nude in the first place?

Inge tells her story which begins with hitchhiking.

After skinny dipping and other adventures in the buff, they make their way to a small shed.

A rather explicit sex scene.  Britt Corvin doesn't supply any actual hardcore scenes, although there were versions of this films which had hardcore scenes "inserted". 

Probably the film's most memorable scene - where Iris becomes part of a weird ritual.

 Inge's story continues.

Inge meets up with a couple female sailors, one being Claudia Fielers

Inge's friend, Sigrid (Carmen Jäckel), joins her in "welcoming' the sailors.

Later, Sigrid is having sex with a guy and Inge invites in their sailors.

So odd.

Gotta have that close-up of Britt Corvin's bush.

Another vignette: this girl (? actress) invites in her backdoor man.

 Her husband comes home and her backdoor man hides.  She poses for pictures.

The punchline: when the husband finds the backdoor man, rather than fight, they are old friends. They celebrate their reunion and leave her alone.

The next story features masseuse Eleonore Leipert 

Another bizarre story involves this guy running from a gay guy.  He then hooks up with this nude girl (? actress)

 Remember this "exercise" equipment? So common back then.

 Added to the A-Frame list.

 Back to Inge - Britt Corvin climbing a ladder to have sex in the hay loft.

Yet another "girls up ladders" scene.

Not too good.  The main problem is that this is a disorienting mess.  The beauty of the Schulmädchen-Report films is that they consist of nice organized packets of sleaze; this just was all over the fucking place.  Worse still, none of the vignettes are particularly interesting or even fun in a campy oddball way (which Schulmädchen-Report vignettes often are). Sure, it's got Steeger, Corvin and Monica Marc naked, but that's really it (and they have much better movies to check out instead).


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