Aug 16, 2020

Sexy... Love and Fantasy (1977)

(Original Title: Sexy... amor y fantasía) The final film for director Juan Xiol who started in the forties.  This is a simple film from Spain about just a handful of characters in a small rural village where a prostitute comes to set up shop.

 I love the title credits, with a big shout out to the super fine Ágata Lys.

 Toni (David Rocha) comes to the small village to stay with his aunt and uncle.

Aunt Ángela (Ágata Lys) is an overworked and poor housewife.

 Uncle Gerardo (Víctor Israel), an ugly, brutish husband.

 Toni enjoys a skin magazine 

 With Gerardo out playing pool, Ángela starts feeling antsy.

 She pays a visit to her nephew.

A rare full frontal from Ágata Lys

 The arrival of Piluca (Lynn Endersson), a prostitute.

 Gerardo and his boys can hardly believe what's just stumbled into their bleak little town.

 Piluca has only been in town two minutes, and already shaking things up.

 Gerardo is the first to get a taste of the new girl in town.

Víctor Israel was a such a damned creepy looking dude.

 Back at the homestead, Ángela continues to enjoy Toni's company.

Toni feels he's graduated to the next level, and isn't as interested in his old girlfriend Adela (Susana Estrada) anymore.

 Adela does her best to spark his interest, but it's no use.

Adela's parents see her flash Toni, and dad proceeds to beat the shit out of her with a log.

 More violence, with Piluca getting roughed up.

 She runs into the forest and happens upon Toni who saves her.

 One thing leads to another.

 Not quite understanding her profession, Toni falls for the prostitute.

 He takes her to a bullfight.

 Adela finds Piluca's place, and marvels at her clothing.

 She's never seen such things in her life, and she tries them on.

 Gerardo beats Ángela with his belt.

 Ángela visits Piluca.  

 So, here's the person causing such a stir among all the men of the town.

 Adela has Toni meet her far from town.

 This is the "new" Adela.

 She's wearing Piluca's clothes; but Toni doesn't take the bait.

 The woman of the village band together and throw Piluca out of town.

It ends with Piluca at a new town far away - but we find she's about to stir the same commotion in this new locale.

She gives a wink, and before we go, we find that Ángela has left town as well - getting away from Gerardo forever. THE END

A very simple film, which could have been tiresome.  However, Juan Xiol gives it a very beautiful look; you feel like you're living in this small town for an hour of your life.  It's wide open countryside, yet somehow claustrophobic at the same time.  It feels more like a French film from 1969 than a Spanish film from 1977 if that makes any sense.


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