Aug 17, 2020

Sex Or No Sex (1974)

A Spanish comedy about a repressed nebish who meets an equally prudish lady; they get married and spend the next several years trying to figure out sex, making up for lost time.

 Paco Jiménez (José Sacristán) asks, 'sex or no sex? that is the question.'

 Paco tells his shrink (José Vivó) about he came to have this messed-up sexual disposition

 He used to be totally nerdy, socially awkward prude.

 One day, his boss (Antonio Ferrandis) hired a new secretary.

Angélica (Carmen Sevilla) is even more prudish and puritanical than Paco, if that's even possible.

In a window across the street from their office, they spot a blonde (Ágata Lys) happily dancing and undressing.

Paco and Angélica are horrified.

Paco and the boss pay the woman a visit to tell her she's being watched by the entire building across the street.

Ágata Lys is hurt and shamed by the experience.

 Paco begins to notice that seemingly every girl is dressed overly provocatively.

 He goes to the park like a creep, spying on women.  He even flashes one of them.  Clearly, Paco is having trouble getting a grip on his sexuality.

 A critical moment in Paco's life; he has Angélica get some files using the stepladder.

 Watching her ascend the steps stirs something within Paco.

 To be added to our Girls Up Ladders list.

 Paco descends into a personal fantasy...

 He imagines he's a Roman emperor.

It's a battle between Angélica on the left, and  Ágata Lys on the right.

Angélica wins.

 Paco invites Angélica out for a drink.

 They have a bit too much.

Angélica hurts her leg frolicking drunk in the park, so Paco takes her home.

 He offers to disinfect her wound, and things accidentally get sexual again.

Perhaps due to the drink, they both fall asleep.

They're awaken by Angélica's tyrannical aunt (Lola Gaos) who forces them to get married!

 Their wedding is a bit awkward as they're both virgins with zero experience.

 Things are awkward, but Paco finds the tiger inside him...

 I love they use this animation each time Paco feels his inner animal emerge.

 It's their anniversary.

 Paco looks at Angélica then at the table of food and has a weird fantasy...

In place of the pig, Paco pictures Angélica.  It's the one  nude scene in the film - bravo Carmen Sevilla

Angélica and Paco explore their very immature sexuality by hitting some sex shops.  Check out that amazing marquee!

Then, they do some role playing - with Paco pretending to be a plumber.

Another role play, with Paco a gangster and Angélica a flapper.

 There's a bunch of roleplaying - one time Paco is a werewolf.  This time he's a big time Hollywood producer, and she's an actress.

But none of this proves very healthy and the couple have a terrible fight.

 The fight is so bad that Paco literally strangles her unconscious!

But in the end they come to terms with who they are, and it's all good.

This could have been a boring forgettable affair, but the writer/director Julio Diamante really kicks things up a notch with wild fantastic flourishes.  José Sacristán and Carmen Sevilla are also amazing in their roles.

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