Aug 17, 2020

Rumbera, Caliente (1989)

These Mexican comedies had a weird tendency to mix morality with vulgarity - at least it seems weird compared to traditional American cinema.  So, you might have a touching wholesome story worthy of showing to a Sunday school class... but it contains tons of full frontal nudity.  It's fucking jarring.  This story involves a woman making money to help a group of orphans - and yes there's also gobs of nudity.

 Sasha Montenegro is a poor grocer in a rural village. 

 She brings food to the orphans.

The nun who took care of the children has died.  Sasha takes responsibility for them, and they move to Mexico City where maybe she can find a job to support them.

We meet Polo Ortín and Sergio Ramos 

 A fun musical performance. Love those outfits.

 Martha Elena Cervantes provides a nice little nude scene which for some reason is sped up like Benny Hill sketch.

Sergio Ramos is a rich guy, and Sasha needs money for those fucking orphans. So, she gets him drunk. 

 She temps him with her boobs and bush, then steals some of his gold coins after he passes out.

Yay! She's helping the orphans. 

Sasha's ultimate goal is to earn money via dancing.

 The director takes a liking to Sasha - impressed with her skills.

 She gets him drunk too.

It's for orphans - that makes it okay.

This scene with Polo Ortín is insane. The girl on the left is Angélica Ruiz.

 Angélica Ruiz takes her turn getting groped.  Polo Ortín then takes each girl in turn up to his room to bang.

This black guy unveils the next maiden for Polo Ortín to molest and shag.

 The punchline (after a full ten minutes of bush) is that Polo Ortín gets butt fucked by the big black guy.  WTF?  Like I said, not all of this movie is appropriate for Sunday school.

The day of the big dance competition has arrived.

 It will shock no one to learn Sasha wins the competition.

Well, anything with Sasha Montenegro is always a sure bet: you know you're going to see her fully nude at least once, and you know the film is going to be full of dancing and joyous energy. As mentioned, the best thing about this film is the bizarre juxtaposition of the moral tale with exhuberant sleaze.

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