Aug 29, 2020

Horizontal Sin (1982)

(Original Title: Pecado Horizontal) A Brazilian sex comedy about three old friends who share funny stories of their sexual misadventures.

I know there is a much better copy of this movie out there, but this shitty VHS transfer is the best I could find.

 Three old friends meet at a wedding after not seeing each other for fifteen years.  They get together for drinks and each tells a humorous story of their sexual misadventures from years past.

 Bruno (Danton Jardim) tells the story of visiting his uncle and becoming quite fond of his Aunt Flora.

Aunt Flora (Zilda Mayo) seems to have an attraction for him too.

 But every time Bruno tries to get close to her, his uncle's dog "Dracula" growls and threatens to bite him.

 Bruno kidnaps Dracula, and now he can finally have sex with his aunt (!)

 The kidnapping sends his uncle on a wild goose chase looking for his beloved Dracula.  At one point he comes upon a couple having sex in the jungle.

 The girl is played by Vanessa Alves, who was amazing in Volúpia de Mulher (1984)

 While the uncle searches high and low, Bruno continues to tag his aunt.

 When Bruno talks to his uncle pretending to be the kidnapper, he makes a critical mistake...

 The air conditioner at his uncle's house makes a unique noise, and the uncle hears it in the background.  Thus realizing he's been played.

 Marcos (Paulo Ramos) tells the next story of how he got hooked up with another man's wife.

 Tininha (Matilde Mastrangi)

 Marcos goes to great lengths to get Tininha to meet him at a hotel.

 Just when things were going good, Marcos is struck with a pain and has to run out of the room.

 Tininha is left alone and grows impatient.

 Marcos has been struck with a bad hemorrhoids flair up.

 He returns to the room and tries it again.

 Ouch!  It's not use.  Marcos has to run to the bathroom again.

 Marcos returns with a concoction in a tea cup (prepared with the help of the hotel manager).

She's asked to literally pour this up his ass as an enema!

 It ends with Tininha fanning his sore asshole. 

The last story features Aurora (Mariza Sommer), the hottest woman in the town; the object of desire of all the neighborhood boys.

Guina (Antônio Fonzar) tells this story of when he was much younger (young Guina played by Ric Ostrower). Aurora is actually Guina's aunt - so, we have two out of three stories dealing with incestuous encounters!

His uncle is an intimidating butcher; so he dares not cross him.

Guina gets with his aunt... which is very problematic.  Not only is she his aunt, he's just a boy!

 Guina rigs a mechanism to open the window so the neighborhood boys can see he's banging his aunt.  Of course he's busted by the uncle.

At the wedding, Guina, Marcos and Bruno are all confronted by figures from these stories. THE END

Certainly a bit problematic in that 2/3 stories are about incest, but overall a simple and amusing film. I can't say I ever laughed out loud, but a stupid sex comedy is always good for the soul.

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