Aug 29, 2020

The Good Times Are Back: Let's Enjoy Them Again (1985)

(Original Title: Os Bons Tempos Voltaram: Vamos Gozar Outra Vez)  This a Brazilian film comprised of two unrelated stories: "Hot Saturday" and "April 1st", both set in the 1960s.

 Soninha (Carla Camurati) pretends she's sick so she won't have to go with her parents on vacation, and can, instead, stay behind and have sex with her boyfriend, Mário.

 After her parents leave, her friend Paula (Carina Cooper) comes over.

 Soninha dances around and shows her boobs in celebration.

 Soninha and Paula get dressed for the beach to meet the guys.

Little does Soninha realize, Mário (Paulo César Grande) is fooling around with another girl.

Ivete (Tania Boscoli)  waits on him hand and foot, bringing him breakfast in bed.

After a day at the beach, Soninha brings Mário to her place, with her parents away.

 Her goal: to seduce Mário.

 But Mário declines, claiming he has too much respect for her father.

Meanwhile, Paula is getting plenty of action from Bruno (Alexandre Frota) in his car.

After he and Paula are finished, he comes across Soninha who seems upset.

Bruno takes her to the beach where she disrobes.  

Actress Carla Camurati was actually a biology teacher before venturing into acting.  Her first few movies featured full frontal nudity, then she found success and a stable career in Brazilian soap operas.  She had regular roles on soaps throughout the eighties into the early nineties.

Bruno is unable to have an erection.

Soninha runs off into the darkness, until she finds her cousin.

Cousin Bilu (Pedro Cardoso), who has been in Bruno's trunk and is high, confesses that he's always masturbated to her (!)

Meanwhile, back at Soninha's place, Paula has shown up and has sex with Mário.

Soninha, Bruno and Bilu arrive. Mário and Paula act like nothing happened. 


 Cousins Roberta (Kátia Lopes) and Edinho (Marcos Frota)

Their stuffy right-wing grandfather, Argemiro (Dionísio Azevedo), who's in favor of the present day coup.

 Roberta has had about enough of this tiresome old geezer.

 She strips down to dive in the pool naked.

 Edinho can't handle the view.  She's his cousin... but damn.

 Argemiro is irate that such sinful behavior is being perpetrated by his granddaughter. 

Some amazing views of Kátia Lopes as she swims around naked.

She then moons her grandfather. (!)

 Back in the bedroom, something is brewing between the cousins.

The arrival of Sônia (Vanessa Alves); a rich girl who Argemiro adores.

 But Sônia isn't the wholesome girl Argemiro thinks she is.

Sônia and Edinho have sex.

The nurse (Lídia Bizzochi) waits patiently while Argemiro watches news of the coup on the TV.

Sônia and Edinho get it on in the sauna.

Their friends arrive and have a big party around the pool.

Things start to get debaucherous and Argemiro does not approve.

The partiers surround Argemiro as the military arrives. "Help!" by the Beatles plays.  THE END

Well, I honestly felt that each of these should have been their own movie - or, inversely, shortened and part of a 4-5 story anthology.  As it is, the two segments are pretty lengthy, and after the first story, I was more-or-less done.  It felt like a full movie.

But that's just me bitching.  The movie itself is well made, a fun watch, and super sexy with constant T&A. It was nostalgic in the way "Happy Days" was nostalgic - not accurate at all, but still somehow made more interesting by its setting.  

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