Aug 25, 2020

The Love Bug (1980)

(Original Title: O Inseto do Amor) A Brazilian sex comedy about an insect's bite which will kill you unless you have sex within two days.

 Hans Muller (Carlos Kurt) has found the elusive insect - Anophelis sexualis

 A pretty cool illustrated intro 

TV news tells the story: if this insect bites you, you have to have sex within two days, or you'll die.  The bite also will trigger instant sexual arousal.

Hans Muller keeps the insect inside a glass cage and stays in a hotel off the coast of São Paulo.  At the hotel are his entomologist colleagues and tourists. 

Rossana Ghessa plays the wife of Moura, a guy who tried desperately to get his hands on the bug before something bad happens. 

 Ghessa provides some of the best nudity in the film - she was always awesome.

Her rich husband Moura (John Herbert) has been stung.

Indeed, Hugo's colleagues fight over the insects, and they are released upon the inhabitants of the hotel.

 Dóris (Helena Ramos)

 Her lousy husband doesn't satisfy her, no matter how much she tries.

Even at this beach side getaway,  Dóris' husband won't do what he needs to do.

 Zuleica (Angelina Muniz) is Hugo's assistant.

 She turns heads down at the hotel pool.

Ricardo (Arlindo Barreto) likes what he sees.

She goes totally naked down to the beach, but it's just to tease Ricardo. She takes his clothes and drives away.

 Dóris keeps trying with her husband, but it's no use.

 She strips for him.

This poor guy (Flávio Porto) has been bitten, and can't get laid to save his life... literally.

Viúva (Claudette Joubert) is sunbathing.

 She's bitten on the butt by Anophelis sexualis

 It immediately causes her to writhe in orgiastic passion.

She literally tries to fuck the dog (!) but the animal thankfully runs away.

 She basically rapes the gardener - then, after sex, blames him for it.

 This fat dude and his unsatisfied woman.

The fat guy is bitten, and instantly sweeps her up and carries her.

 He humps her, but dies in the process (!)

Moura (John Herbert) has been bitten and becomes insatiable - which is exactly what the doctor ordered for Rossana Ghessa  

Flávio knows his time is about up, and he begs Dóris to have sex before it's too late.

Zuleica continues to tease Ricardo.

 Over and over she gets him hot and bothered, only to leave him blue balled.

 Then she gets bit...

Ricardo sees Zuleica has been stung by Anophelis sexualis 

She's triggered to finally have sex with him.

A woman (? actress) gets a medical exam 

 The doctor gets stung and starts basically trying to rape his patient.

Another guy has been stung; he breaks into her room and begs to have sex - it's a matter of life and death.

 A rapid fire sequence of scenes where woman after woman are begged to have sex by men who've been stung.

Note that all this is done to a disco version of "Singing in the Rain"!

Rossana Ghessa grabs one of the insects and purposefully stings Moura so he'll go for another round.
Professor Galvão (Serafim Gonzalez) knows his time is running out.  He has to have sex quick.

He tries every single room in the hotel with no luck - the "Singing in the Rain" couples are already occupied.

The next room he tries is occupied by Zuleica (Angelina Muniz

He basically tries to rape her, but she finally gets him out of there.

The hotel erupts into a big orgy, with the priest (Jofre Soares) praying over the debauchery. THE END

Well, there's constant non-stop nudity, so it's hard to complain too much as that's clearly the reason this film even exists.  Still, it could've been much better if they hadn't had a million characters to keep track of (only a fraction covered in this review).  

Double Feature: A very similar film (with just the insect replaced with booze) - The Night of the Spanish Fly (1976)

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