Aug 20, 2020

National Adultery (1982)

Another bed-hopping comedy from Spain.  After Franco, it seems like every film was about adultery and hitherto forbidden topics.

 On a bus ride to Madrid, a passenger (José Yepes) eyes a woman's legs.

His wife (Chelo Vivares) gets onto him - hey, eyes over here buddy!  I don't know why, but I thought this was a fun little intro into the movie. But nothing could prepare me for what happens next....

Encarna (Alejandra Grepi) is a wet nurse and she's currently engorged and wildly uncomfortable.  

She requests the young man relieve her of this discomfort and suckle her breast!

And so he does.  Holy shit.  (I guess they didn't have breast pumps back then?)

 The whole bus is watching.  What a memorable intro... it's all downhill from here.

Encarna arrives at the home in Madrid where she will join the staff as wet nurse.

Here she goes again; at least it's not a grown man this time.

 Pura (Azucena Hernández) is the lady of the house.

Her husband Agustín (Quique Camoiras) is much older.

Cesáreo (Francisco Cecilio) and Hortensia (Charo López) are another couple, friends with Agustin and Pura.

Cesáreo at work - eyeing his secretary up a ladder.

 To be added to the ever-growing list.

Pura and Cesáreo are cheating on their spouses, but the baby is getting in the way.

 Hortensia and Agustin know about their infidelity.

Agustin fantasizes about killing Pura and Cesáreo with a pipe!

 Cesáreo is surprised to come home to find they have a new maid.

Rosa (Beatriz Escudero) the maid

 Cesáreo catches Rosa in the shower.

Then, in the kitchen, her towel falls off "accidentally".

Cesáreo arranges to meet Rosa for a fling - but he doesn't realize he's been setup.

 He's caught in the act.

 The shock and horror of it all.

Pura, too, gets hit with instant karma. 

It starts off strong with this memorably insane bus scene, then just flops into the same-old same-old bed hopping tomfoolery we've seen a million times.  The nude scenes are exceptional, but otherwise not much to say.  There are a dozen other subplots and side characters not mentioned that really add nothing to the film. Watch the bus scene, fast forward to Beatriz Escudero in the shower, and call it a day.


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  1. Marco Benitez, "I got to agree with you, this could have been so much better. But Beatriz Escudero looks sensational as always, steals the film'