Aug 5, 2020

Unfaithful Women (1995)

(Original Title: Mujeres infieles) Three stories of unfaithful Mexican City wives at different stages of marriage.  It's pretty standard nineties erotica fare - except the second story which is a banger.

Julieta (Lina Santos

 Eduardo (Hugo Stiglitz) is a publicist married to his work.

 Her cousin Leticia, who Julieta claims she's visiting each week.

 In reality, she's seeing Marcelo (Miguel Ángel Rodríguez).

 A pretty fun (and odd) anniversary party.

Lina Santos gives a look at leg, but nothing else (as per usual for Santos). And the story is too boring and cliched to even describe... let's just move on to the good stuff. Story 2...

Clara (Claudia Vega) is engaged to lawyer Ricardo (Raúl Araiza) 

But she develops a strange attraction to the architect Alfonzo (Rafael Rojas) who is designing their new condo.

 Clara has a fight with Ricardo, and Alfonso is there at the right time.

 An unexpectedly graphic sex scene.

I don't know a whole lot about Claudia Vega. She mainly did TV work - and a lot of it.  This may be just about her only nude scene - and quite a scene it is.

 And it just keeps going.  

 And going.

 Alfonso and Clara walk into a surprise party for her...

 It gets worse.  Ricardo is furious, and gets into a fight with Alfonso...

 Ricardo is thrown out the fucking window! 

Mariana (Elizabeth Katz) tells her friend about how her marriage of ten years is getting tiresome.

Rafael (José Alonso) is a good father and provider, but the magic is gone.

So, Mariana answers an ad in the personals for an exciting fling.

 She performs an amazing striptease for the stranger, Armando (Enrique Rocha)

Armando buys her expensive jewelry.

 But Armando turns out to be a bit of a psychopath.

 Mariana talks to her shrink.

 Armando and her husband, Rafael, clash.

 The poor fucking maid is murdered by Armando.

In the end, Armando is killed by Rafael.  Mariana sees that her "tiresome" husband is actually quite the badass.  But it's too late - Rafael tells her to kiss his ass goodbye. THE END

A forgettable romance, not even worthy of Lifetime.  That being said, Claudia Vega is off-the-fucking-charts in that second story; and I love how it keeps escalating until Ricardo goes flying out a window. But aside from the last ten minutes of Story #2, everything else is boring and lame.


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