Aug 25, 2020

Leave Me Four (1981)

(Original Title: Me Deixa de Quatro) A Brazilian comedy/drama which would definitely be considered wildly homophobic today.  A father finds out his son is gay and does everything he can to turn him back to heterosexuality. Starring two prolific and sexy stars of Brazilian pornochada - Helena Ramos and Rossana Ghessa.

 Guido (Serafim Gonzalez) and his wife Sofia (Rossana Ghessa)

Sofia (Rossana Ghessa) is his super hot wife

Even though this is what he sees each morning, he still cheats on her.

 Sofia takes a shower after Guido leaves for work.

 Their son Dirceu (Arlindo Barreto) isn't quite as brutish and macho as the dad.

Guido is a mechanic and as "manly" as they come, ogling women and drinking with the fellas. 

 He's having an affair with a young girl named Lucy (Helena Ramos)

Words can't describe how "energetic" Lucy is when she's getting pounded.  

Dirceu gets into a relationship with a gay man named  Darci (Carlos Arena)

Dirceu breaks up with his girlfriend. 

Guido can't handle that his son is gay.  

 Guido is upset, but Lucy helps him keep his mind off it.

 Again, Helena Ramos delivers a super energetic fucking scene.  It has to be seen.

Guido talks with Sofia about their wayward gay son.

 And he's back to screwing Lucy.

Guido takes his son to a sex party to "turn" him.

Tons of anonymous naked women in this scene.  Unfortunately for Guido, the party doesn't have the desired effect on his son.

Plan B: Guido gets a prostitute to service his son. 

What's insane is that the whole crew of mechanics are behind Guido's quest to turn his son from being gay.  Here, they all happily celebrate as Dirceu has sex with a hooker in the mechanics shed.

 But she's unable to get a rise out of Dirceu.

They pull up the door and she gives the thumbs-down.

 Plan C: Guido asks Lucy to turn Dirceu.

 Lucy works her magic.

It works!

 They all celebrate the victory.  Dirceu is no longer gay!

 Guido tells Sofia the good news. 

 They're so ecstatic they have amazing sex all around the house.

 Hooray!  Dirceu is straight!

Of course, this does make things a little complicated.  When Dirceu rolls up and grabs Lucy's boob, Guido doesn't know how to react.

 Even more complicated: Lucy gets pregnant (by father or son? who knows?)

Shit gets real when Darci (Carlos Arena),  Dirceu's ex-lover, goes nuts.

 Lucy is having sex with some random dude when Darci shows up...

 He stabs her to death!

But it's all good.  Guido and Dirceu move on to other women; they're two happy straight males. Hooray!

I include the end credits just because the IMDb and Wikipedia credits are all wrong.  

This is better than you might think, and deserves a restoration.  However, given the problematic content, I don't see that ever happening.  While it is unquestionably homophobic, I don't think that means we should pretend the films never existed and cancel them from existence. Aside from its sensitive subject, the film is actually pretty good - with sizzling performances from Helena Ramos and Rossana Ghessa, and Serafim Gonzalez great as the Fred Flintstone/ Ralph Kramden role.


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