Aug 8, 2020

Mauricio, mon amour (1976)

A Spanish comedy about an oversexed guy who tries to get rehabilitated, but the rehabilitation goes too well.

 Mauricio Fernández (Arturo Fernández) is an oversexed dude who has checked himself into a clinic.

 Mirta Miller plays the nurse.

Mauricio tells his story to Doctor Verónica Anglada (Amparo Muñoz

The next fifty minutes (!) are him telling his story - of his three lovers.

Lover #1 - Lolita (Carmen Platero)

Mauricio was smitten the minute he saw her climb that ladder.

Add this to the Girls Up Ladders List.

Eventually it's too much to bear and he has sex with Lolita.

 Unfortunately, Mauricio can't stay faithful thanks to his hyperactive libido.  Lolita is devastated.

 Lover #2 - Marcela (Paca Gabaldón)

 Lover #3 - Susan (Silvia Solar)

Since his libido wrecked these three relationships, Mauricio has checked himself in.

 So, Mauricio is subjected to a variety of "treatments" to cure him of his overactive sex drive.

 I love that he's shown a picture of Laura Antonelli to see how he reacts.

 After days of treatment, Mauricio is nonplussed with this striptease.

A nurse (Rosa Valenty) tries to tempt him in the hallway.

 But Mauricio doesn't take the bait.  It would seem the treatment was too effective.

 Doctor Verónica brings in Mauricio's three lovers to see if they can bring him back to normal.

 Susan gets dressed, prepared to woo Mauricio back to being heterosexual again.

Lolita tries first and fails; Mauricio appears to be a flaming homosexual.

He escapes out the window.

 Mauricio climbs into the room of another patient (Aurora de Alba)

Aurora de Alba actually provides (possibly accidental) full frontal nudity for this scene.  Alba wasn't a big name in exploitation cinema, but she did have that one memorable scene in Vengeance of the Zombies (1973)

To avoid his three exes, Mauricio dresses as a female nurse and winds up in Verónica's room.

 Giving her a nude massage restores his heterosexuality. 

Mauricio and Verónica get married. THE END

Dammit.  This could have been good, but they waste the first fifty fucking minutes going through the three boring stories with Mauricio's exes.  Things didn't start getting fun and interesting until the treatments at the clinic - then it's off to the races. 

Double FeatureQuitenme la calentura (1994) - an Alberto Rojas film where patients are also treated for being over-sexed.

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