Aug 23, 2020

The Burning Psychiatrists (1988)

(Original Title: Los Psiquiatras Ardientes) A Mexican comedy about two psychiatrists, one young one old, both horny.

 Raúl Ramírez plays Professor Sylvester, a rather lonely and socially awkward psychiatrist.

Raúl (Raúl Marcelo) is his younger colleague.

I presume Raúl Marcelo was a singer, because he launches into song.

 It's a really cheesy ode to foxy Mexican ladies.

 It's like a music video - with this lady as the subject of his song.

Rosita Bouchot plays Elena, Raúl's wife.

 Professor Sylvester comes over.

 He's instantly smitten by Elena and fantasizes about her...

 He imagines she's wearing a see-through nightie.

 Sylvester's fantasies about his colleague's wife continue...

Raúl is seeing patient Angelina Valverde 

 And of course they end up fucking.

 They're busted by his secretary.

Adriana Rojas  plays Maribel 

 Sylvester pays her a visit

They make a big deal about his name being Sylvester, like the cartoon cat.  I guess because it's not a common Mexican/Spanish name.

Dammit if this isn't yet another of Raúl's women.

 Sylvester pledges his love to Elena, but is spurned.

Maribel is invited over posing as Sylvester's woman.

 Elena has no clue that Raúl is shagging this lady on the side.

A rather funny scene as the two ladies prepare dinner. Elena says some things that could be construed as veiled threats whilst holding a sharp knife.

 Sylvester is back to fantasizing - this time about both Elena and Maribel.

 Raúl sneaks into Maribel's room and they screw.

 Sylvester fantasizes about Elena yet again.

 Things come to a head at the table with Raúl's shenanigans exposed.

 Sylvester ends up with both of his fantasy women.

Raúl ends up with a gay patient.  THE END

Adriana Rojas and Rosita Bouchot sell the sizzle, but otherwise empty of anything approaching real comedy.  Raúl Ramírez phones this one in, and Raúl Marcelo is awful - but I did enjoy his music video which was laughably bad.


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