Aug 5, 2020

The Pregnant (1982)

(Original Title: Los embarazados) A Spanish comedy set in a world where men get pregnant, not women.  

Eduardo Villa played by Javier Escrivá;  Escrivá is of a laundry list of fairly well-known actors and actresses who appear in this film.  Yet, they vanish off-screen as quickly as they appeared, not amounting to much.

 Emilio Laguna, a homosexual, gets pregnant.  Isn't that funny?  (Correct answer = NO)

 Barbara Bentcley does a striptease for her husband, who's pregnant.

What the fuck is she doing? She plucks pubic hairs, then hands them to her husband.  Am I missing something? The whole premise of this movie is to show men dealing with pregnancy issues (like morning sickness)... how is this in any way related?  Also, as much as I love Bentcley's striptease, it takes up a ton of screen time - again, taking away from the movie's premise.  Somebody correct me if I'm missing an obvious point.

 The pregnant husband admires the pubes.  WTF?

 Puri (Ana Roca) and a virgin have dinner.

As opposed to the last sequence, this story makes sense in context of the "gender reversal" premise.

 They go to a hotel and have sex.

 The joke here is that he wants a relationship, and she (like a guy) feels it was meaningless sex.

 Francisco Cecilio is fired from his job for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

 When he checks in to the hospital we get a fun cameo from the great Berta Cabré.

Lamaze class for men.

 Anna Castells is the instructor.

 Maternity fashions for men.

 Men wait in line for the pill.

 Men band together against unfair treatment of pregnant men.

 A ham-fisted statement if there ever was one.

 And here we go again...

Another lengthy full frontal nude scene from Barbara Bentcley.

Oof.  The premise should have had endless possibilities for cheap gags.  It squanders it on lengthy sex/nude scenes (which I can understand) and lame, unfunny yawnfests. As mentioned, a ton of notable names such as Silvia Solar appear, but they aren't given much to do.  Fail.

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