Aug 23, 2020

Greetings from Lederhose 5 (1978)

(Original Title: Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose, 5. Teil: Die Bruchpiloten vom Königssee) In this episode, the idyllic Bavarian tourist destination gets a flight school when a Nazi biplane is discovered in a barn.

Sepp  (Peter Steiner) and Willi  (Erich Kleiber) inherit an old place in the country.

 In the barn they find an old plane.

 It's an Nazi aircraft, and it still runs. 

With a new paint job (getting rid of that inconvenient swastika) they open a flight school.

 A music school which is practicing for a performance at the this Bavarian getaway.

Marion (Sylvia Engelmann) kneels down to pick up her diploma.

The music teacher has a tendency to make this face whenever he sees a pretty lady.  It happens so often, it would make an excellent drinking game.

The teacher gets a look at Marion in her seat.


The four friends in class read an advertisement for the flight school.  From left: Sonja (Jane Iwanoff), Sylvia (Fee Heger), Marion (Sylvia Engelmann) and Diana (Diana Jovanovic).

 A flight instructor is hired, band the first run goes badly with a crash landing.

Josefa (Renate Kasché) is having sex with her side lover when there is a knock at the door.

 She has him hide in a wicker basket.

She has sex with Wolf Goldan, side lover number two.  Comically  sometimes on the wicker basket.

 They make love until the wee hours when her husband comes home.

The Bürgermeister (Franz Muxeneder) comes home drunk; too drunk to even understand there's a guy hiding in his bed.

 Rise and shine. Sylvia (Fee Heger) wakes up first.

Then, Marion (Sylvia Engelmann).

Sylvia and Diana laugh at their teacher...

 Sylvia sneaks in to have sex with the one guy that's not old and a goofball.

 Marion is being spied on through a hole in the wall.

The voyeur comes in and she agrees to have sex in the back.  Just like that.
 Sonja and Diana meet the next voyeur looking for action.

 Sonja takes this one.

Flight school begins.

The Bürgermeister wants this flight school shut down.  He greets Fräulein Kirchlechner (Judith Fritsch), Sepp's daughter, who is the waitress and all-around-servant at the inn.

She talks this guy into foiling the Bürgermeister's plans of sabotage; they get in his car and a chase ensues.

The chase lands one of the cars into the lake where the girls are sunbathing and skinny dipping.  Sylvia and Diana hear the car hit the lake.

 Fräulein Kirchlechner and the guy get busy in the lake.

The girls play at the final celebration.

There's a stupid sub-plot involving an oil sheikh and the Bürgermeister. Don't worry about it.

Sepp and Willi drive off. Everyone's happy.  THE END

As far as Bavarian sex comedies go, this is about what you'd expect.  It certainly doesn't skimp on skin, and the story is lively and fun. Not much to complain about other than it doesn't really bring anything new and isn't especially funny. 


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