Aug 1, 2020

The Warriors of Love (1989)

(Original Title: Las guerreras del amor, AKA La Corneta De Mi General) Two tiny Mexican villages, led by idiot generals, are at war with one another.

Chatanuga is the idiotic general of this fictional village.  Sasha Montenegro is his "corneta" - bugle player.

 Sasha Montenegro always plays such seductive and vivacious roles; so, it was interesting to see her play a goofy comedic part.

 The ubiquitous gravel-throated  César Bono is at his command

 The women of the village act as soldiers.

 Luis de Alba, from the neighboring enemy village, spies the girls bathing by the fountain.

 I love that one of the shirts says "I'm on Mexican Time"

 Luis de Alba is captured

All the village women are pretty much imbeciles - except Rosario Escobar; she's a badass.

 Carmen Salinas - not as annoying as usual.  But make no mistake - still annoying.

The ladies don't realize, they're about to be ambushed.

Led by Roberto 'Flaco' Guzmán, the neighboring villagers attack.

The ladies are captured and held captive.

 Rosario Escobar has a plan.

 She strips for the guard.

 Cepillin is unable to maintain his composure.

 Gioconda follows her lead.

Sasha Montenegro finally rids herself of that ridiculous outfit.

The stripteases allow the women to take their guns and turn the tables.

The women are commanded to fire, but of course it the comically incompetent girls are unable to fire straight ahead.

Say what you will about this brain-dead comedy, Rosario Escobar is in rare form.

The men are locked in a barn. Roberto 'Flaco' Guzmán sees something inside...

Daisy Sánchez says she's a ninja, and proceeds to kick all their asses.

In the end, the feud between the villages is resolved by a marriage between Carmen Salinas and Luis de Alba. THE END

This is some of the dumbest shit I have ever seen.  That being said, I don't think they were shooting for high-brow wit.  You could tell they had a blast making this, and the fun is contagious.  Add to that, some extremely sexy scenes.  Turn off your entire frontal lobe, and enjoy the ride.


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