Aug 14, 2020

Stela's Erotic Vacation (1978)

(Original Title: Las eróticas vacaciones de Stela) Azucena Hernández's first film; a Spanish erotic romp about a girl returning home from boarding school for the Christmas holidays, where she sets the household on fire with her hyperactive libido.

 The credits ensure we are aware that Azucena Hernández was Miss Cataluña 1977.

 Stela (Azucena Hernández) has arrived from a strict religious boarding school. Her mother, Susan (Teresa Gimpera) introduces Stela to her new lover Pablo (Ricardo Merino).

We immediately get the vibe that Pablo is a bit of a shady character.

Tomás (Blaki) is the bumbling house servant.

At church, Stela is attracted to the priest in training, Fermín (Fernando Martín).

Pablo is served breakfast by the maid, Ambrosia (Carla Celis)

Tomás gets a view up Ambrosia's skirt as they trim the tree.

Stela does her best to humiliate Pablo, as well as tempt him.

She secretly flashes him as she goes up the stairs.

She pulls a "Sharon Stone" on Pablo as she makes a charcoal sketch.

Pablo and Susan make love, while Stela watches secretly from the doorway.

A bit troubling that she gets hot and bothered watching her mother have sex, but okay.

Stela, on a quest to get everyone in the house in heat, works on Ambrosia.

Susan in the bath smoking, playing cards and reading Cosmo.  I love it.

Ambrosia in the tube with an awakened sexual appetite thanks to Stela.

Stela fantasizes about having sex with Fermín.  This image was used for the movie poster and VHS cover.

Susan comes in to talk to Stela about her "indecent" behavior.

Stela has another fantasy...

This one is rather wild, with Susan in the middle of a circle of beds where Stela is having sex on the left.

Stela walks in on Pablo taking a bath.

You feel a bit sorry for Pablo.  Sure, he's a bit of a scam artist and unfaithful to Susan - but he's honestly more likable than Stela.

Stela is finally able to bait him into having sex with her.

As her mother and Pablo sleep, Stela is able to create compromising photographs of Pablo.

Fermín visits Stela, finding her in full heat.

Pablo gets a clue, and leaves the household.  Her mother is more than happy to move on.  THE END

A pretty well-worn story with not much to it.  If you're watching for the erotic elements, it really doesn't get going until over half-way through, with Azucena Hernández taking her time before turning on the sizzle.  If you're watching for laughs, there's precious few... and the story is paper thin, etc.  So, not much to see here except as a point of interest for Hernández's first appearance.

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